Financial Aid Office

Activate BlueNet Account*


1.  Visit Accounts Management Page

2.  Select [Activate Your Account or Retrieve Your BlueNet Account Username

3.  Enter the requested information & click [Activate Account

You will obtain your BlueNet Account Username and set up your CCSU student email and account passwords 

*Very important! The $200 Admissions confirmation deposit is not required to create a BlueNet account.


Scroll Down for Important Instructions



View Financial Aid Award


Welcome! Please watch this step by step video on how to view and accept your aid offer.

(A.) How do I view/accept my financial aid?

1. Visit the Central Pipeline's WebCentral-Banner Web

2. Use BlueNet Username & Password

3. Click [Financial Aid] tab

4. Click [Award by Aid Year/Accept Award] link

5. Select appropriate "Aid Year" & click "Submit"

6. Click [Terms and Conditions] tab 

7. Accept Terms and Conditions 

Step 8 is unavailable without accepting the Terms and Conditions

8. Click [Accept Award Offer] tab

9. Accept/Decline, click "Submit Decision"

10.  Click [Financial Aid] tab once again

11.  Click "Sign Financial Aid Award Letter/Title IV Authorization"    

12.  Review "Authorization

13.  Please change 3rd option from Hold to Refund, then click "Submit