MS Engineering Technology Admissions

Engineering Department


Master of Science in Engineering Technology


Admission Requirements:

Applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution of higher education. Applicants must also have a minimum undergraduate GPA of 2.70 on a 4.00 point scale (where A is 4.00), or its equivalent, and good standing (3.00 GPA) in all post-baccalaureate course work.

The admissions application, application fee, and official transcripts from each college and university attended (except Central Connecticut State University) must be submitted to the Graduate Recruitment and Admissions Office.

Applicants meeting the Graduate School admissions standards will be considered for acceptance to the Masters of Science in Engineering Technology program provided they meet the additional acceptance criteria in both section I and II:

I) Undergraduate degree: All applicants shall have completed a four-year degree from an accredited university program from one of the following programs:

A) A four year Bachelor of Science program with a major in Engineering Technology or Engineering; or

B) A four year degree in Construction Management, Architecture, Mathematics, Computer Science, or the Physical Sciences (i.e., Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Biomolecular), with added undergraduate course work completed so the applicant is in substantial conformance with the requirements in section II.

II) Undergraduate course work: All applicants will have completed the following courses in part A, and the courses in Part B or C of this section. Courses must be from an accredited university program and each course shall consist of a minimum of three semester hours.

A) Required undergraduate courses for both the Civil/Construction and Mechanical/Manufacturing specializations:

1) Mathematics: Calculus I and Calculus II 

2) Mathematics: One of the following courses: Statistics, Calculus III, Linear Algebra or Differential Equations

3) Chemistry with a laboratory

4) Physics I

5) Engineering: Statics - Applied Mechanics I or Engineering Mechanics I

6) Strength of Materials or Mechanics of Materials

7) Applied Fluid Mechanics or Fluid Mechanics

8) Engineering materials: Materials of Construction or Materials Analysis

B) Required undergraduate courses for the Specialization in Civil/Construction:

1) Engineering Surveying

2) Structural Analysis

3) A minimum of three of items a through f:

(a) Soil Mechanics and Foundations

(b) Reinforced Concrete Structures

(c) Hydrology and Storm Drainage

(d) Structural Steel Design

(e) Transportation Engineering

(f) Environmental Technology

C) Required undergraduate courses for the Specialization in Mechanical/Manufacturing:

1) Thermodynamics

2) Manufacturing Processes

3) Solid Modeling CAD

4) Geometric Dimension and Tolerancing or Engineering Statistical Analysis of Operations

5) A minimum of two of items a through f:

(a) Machine Design

(b) Process Engineering

(c) Applied Finite Element Analysis

(d) Design for Manufacture, or Manufacturing System Design, or Mechanical Systems and Control, or Inventive Engineering Design, or Aerospace Structures and Materials

(e) Instrumentation

(f) Propulsion Systems

III) Conditional admission may be granted for an applicant who meets the Graduate School admission standards, and the standards in section I, but does not have all of the courses required in Section II. A maximum of three undergraduate courses will be allowed for conditional acceptance. The added undergraduate course work must be completed with a grade of B or better before full admission to the Master of Science in Engineering Technology program is granted. Minimum grade point average = 2.70. Additionally, students with a grade point average between 2.40 and 2.69 may be conditionally admitted.