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BLUEprints for Success: CCSU Constructs Historic Building Project Campaign

As Central Connecticut State University's 2015-16 academic year gets underway, President Jack Miller speaks of an unavoidable, yet tantalizing theme: "the notion of change."

"Everything's different, yet everything's the same," Miller told faculty during the president's annual opening meeting at Alumni Hall, Student Center.

"Time's change. People change. Habits change," he adds. "Those that change with them, they mostly succeed. Those that don't change with them, they mostly fail."

How best can a University curb rising operating costs? One solution, Miller suggests, is increasing student enrollment and retention efforts.

"What's the long-term plan to get more students? Make ourselves more attractive. One of the ways to do that is to have better facilities," says Miller. "This University is undergoing a building program, the likes of which the institution has never seen. That make us more attractive."

Attracting eyes, towering above the treetops along Harold Lewis Drive and Ella Grasso Boulevard is the latest example: CCSU's new Mid-Campus Residence Hall. Housing over 600 beds, the new eight-floor, 220,000 sq. ft. residence hall offers three styles of rooms, with each spacious floor containing a kitchenette, three alcoves, and a group study room. The hall's main floor features a large living room, fireplace, activity/game room, and fitness center. Leaving Barrow Hall, CCSU Residence Life administrative offices have also moved its headquarters into the new building.

Touring the new facility, the president was undeniably impressed.

"Our students deserve it. It makes me feel good to see our students have something this nice," says Miller. "Seeing the living room, the fireplace, gathering spaces, workout room, exercise facilities, study areas and dorm rooms themselves just made me so proud. They've done a magnificent job."

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