Campus Safety

One of the University's most important commitments is to provide a safe, secure, and welcoming campus for students and all who work here. The CCSU Police Department and other offices provide here information explaining how the University works to keep the campus safe and what we all should do in case a campus emergency arises.


Crime Prevention

To protect the community, CCSU has a highly trained police department empowered to enforce all laws and regulations, on-duty 24-7-365. Officers routinely patrol the campus on foot, bike, Segway, and patrol car. Emergency call boxes are located throughout the campus. Police Department staff operate localized and centrally monitored access-control systems and closed-circuit television cameras (CCTV) at various public spaces on the campus.

As noted below, the University also has two teams (each comprising police, educators, counselors, and administrators) that monitor and assess worrisome behavior and threats. To learn more about the Student Behavioral Review Team and the Threat Assessment Team, please click here.

How has CCSU prepared for a potential emergency?
While it's impossible to prevent all harm, CCSU has taken steps to mitigate and respond to threats to our safety:

  • Using best practices related to threat assessment
  • Threat Assessment Team, convenes to assess reported threatening behavior and situations
  • Campus-wide training in emergency preparedness and response with foremost expert in field
  • Enhanced communication with campus and between offices regarding behaviors of concern
  • Risk and vulnerability analysis conducted by national campus security firm
  • Increased counseling staffing
  • Improvements in security technology (CCTV & Access Control)
  • Emergency Mass Notification System (CCSU ALERT) to alert campus to threatening situations. Click HERE for more information.
  • Trained and equipped police for "Active Shooter" response

What should faculty and staff do?
Perhaps the most important step is to become familiar with the vital safety information linked below:

Calling 911 and Emergency Mass Notification System (CCSU ALERT) - What to expect and what to do

  • If you see something, say something. This mantra to report crime and suspicious behavior also touches upon the need to tell your colleagues about people exhibiting behavior s of concern. CCSU has a multidisciplinary Threat Assessment Team that is focused on prevention and early intervention. Your participation is essential for the safety of all of us.


Printable Brochures

Click HERE for the Faculty Senate Campus Safety Guide.

Click HERE for the Faculty and Staff Guide to Threat Assessment including contact information for team members. Remember, call 911 in any emergency.

Click HERE for the Faculty Guide to Students in Distress.