Summer Bridges Program


Who is Eligible for Bridges?

Students who qualify to participate in CCSU’s Summer Bridges Program must satisfy ALL of the following requirements:

  • Be a confirmed, incoming, first-time, first-year student for Fall 2016
  • Need to take English 099, and/or Math 099 or Math 099/101 Combo
  • To see if you need English 099 click here
  • To see if you need Math 099 or Math 099/101 combo click here.

About the 099 Requirement - How do I know if I need it?

It is the policy of the Connecticut State University System that you must place out of Elementary Algebra (MATH 099) and Remedial English (ENG 099) or successfully complete them within your first 24 credits taken at CCSU or you will not be allowed to register for courses at CCSU or any other CSU institution.* These courses do not carry college credit but the proficiency requirements must be met before many other college courses can be taken. So the fulfilling the requirement(s) over the summer is wise!

For information on the Writing Placement Exam (for English placement) click here.

To schedule a math placement test contact the Learning Center at 860-832-1900

For more information on math requirements at CCSU, you can also click here.