Dr. Glynis Fitzgerald

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Dr. Glynis Fitzgerald, Associate Vice President Academic Affairs, and Dean, Graduate Studies

Glynis FitzgeraldDr. Fitzgerald became Associate Vice President, Academic Affairs and Dean of Graduate Studies in August, 2013. She formerly served as Department Chair and Professor of Communication at Central Connecticut State University.

Her area of specialty is organizational and corporate communication. She is recognized as an expert in relationship building and has focused her research in many aspects of relationships; organizations with their communities, leaders with their members and relationship building across cultures. She has received awards for her research and teaching.

An experienced consultant, she applies her knowledge in corporations, educational institutions, and nonprofit organizations on subjects including crisis prevention and management, membership development and information management. Her book, Professional Communication: A relationship management approach written together with Dr. Yanan Ju is used by Fudan University, PRC to provide training for students desiring to work in the US. She is also the Subject Matter Expert for the Hyundai Leadership Program at CCSU.

Dr. Fitzgerald holds a MA and Ph.D. in Communication from SUNY Buffalo.

Contact information:
Henry Barnard 1020000
(860) 832-2364