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The NEASC comprehensive accreditation review will take place in fall 2018, and work preparing for this important assessment is about to begin.

As part of the review, a broad-based group of faculty, staff, and students will be working on a 100-page self-study that is at the heart of the review process. The self-study is required to show how CCSU meets or exceeds each of the nine standards. 
NEASC Standards for Accreditation  (Adopted 2016)

On April 23, the NEASC Steering Committee held an Open Forum focusing on Standard Four: The Academic Program and Standard Six: Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship. 

Drafts of the NEASC Standards are now all available for your review and comments.
The site requires your Bluenet login to access, and it is available by clicking/tapping 

Click below to access the video of the Open Forum. 

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