Why Choose CCSU?

First, Let Our Students Tell You Why You Should Choose CCSU

Before you get to all the information about our great academic programs and classes, you may first want to hear from our students who invite you to join them at CCSU. Also, there's a link at the bottom of this page where you can tell us about you and which academic programs you're interested in exploring.

Our Students Tell You Why They Chose CCSU



Our Academic Programs

CCSU's academic programs are student-centered — designed to respond to your needs. Academic counselors will help you choose from more than 100 majors. Our low 16-to-1 student-to faculty ratio keeps most classes small: nearly half have 20 or fewer students. This ensures that your professors get to know you as an individual.

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CCSU offers four undergraduate degree programs:

BA — Bachelor of Arts

BS — Bachelor of Science

BFA — Bachelor of Fine Arts

BSN — Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Special Programs

Honors Program

One of the many reasons many of Connecticut's top students have been enrolling at CCSU is our innovative Honors Program. Qualified students experience the extraordinary experience offered by the Program's team-taught courses on the three areas of study (Western Culture, Science & Society, and World Cultures). Honors students also take part in a variety of activities, including special concerts, performances, lectures, and field trips, and are eligible for half- and full-merit scholarships.

"The Honors classes are great! I took a course about zombies, a course about pseudoscience, an Asian politics course, and a Greek and Roman literature course. There is prestige about the program that makes you excited to be a part of it!"

Ian Mangione, Class of 2013

Pre-Health & Pre-Law

Interested in health care or the law? You can work with the Pre-Health Professional Advisory Committee to prepare for careers in medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, optometry, and related fields in the health sciences to develop an academic program that will help you get into the appropriate school.

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If you're interested in going to law school, you can work with one of our team of pre-law advisors to develop an academic plan to take you to the front door of some of best law schools in the nation.

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Great Classes

Know how to tell what a truly great class is? Check out some of the really cool stuff that our students do in class:

A few examples--

Unearth an ancient soapstone quarry where, 2,700 years ago (!) Native Americans lived and crafted bowls

Intern at ESPN and be a part of "The Worldwide Leader in Sports!"

Give choral concerts in with the University Singers in China, France, Germany, Japan, Poland, Puerto Rico, and Spain

Create a marketing program for the CT Department of Transportation's CTFastrak project

Learn from actual IRS special agents how to investigate financial fraud

Win Elevator Pitch contests competing against students from other colleges

Design effective exercise & health programs using state-of-the-art equipment

Offer community health clinics in downtown New Britain and in Montego Bay, Jamaica

Explore marine ecosystems in Belize, Ireland, England, and Wales

Design and build CCSU Lunar Rover for NASA's Human Exploration Challenge

Our Outstanding Professors

Our professors are committed to helping you make the most of your education. They will challenge you AND help you. They take pride in making themselves available outside the classroom for one-on-one education, advice, and guidance. As one student recently said, “There are great professors at CCSU who are willing to help out every step of the way.” But don't take just our word for it. Check out this video about the finalists for the Excellence in Teaching Award.

Excellence in Teaching 2016

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