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Written Copy on the Web

Universal Guidelines

Below is a short list of best practices to consider when writing for the web

  • Make sure all information is up-to-date and free of spelling and gramatical errors

  • Information written for the web should be concise and clear

  • Avoid pages with too much text. These pages are typically ignored by users entirely

  • Information should be properly labeled with headers to allow for users to effectively scan pages for information they need

Formatting Content

Using bold and italic formatting to emphasize portions of content should be used sparingly. Overuse of these elements can make a page appear sloppy and be difficult to read/scan. The more text emphasis is used on a page, the less important it appears to be.

In addition, underlining text should never be used to imply emphasis. Improperly underlined text can be interpreted as a hyperlink and may confuse users.