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Site Structure & Layout

Website Templates

All official University website should adopt the web templates created by the Office of Marketing & Communications. 

These templates have been designed to help create a visual identity for CCSU, as well as to maximize ease of use for users of the site. Templates can be customized to satisfy the wide array of needs of the University. 

Website that don't maintain a structural consistency can create a cumbersome experience for people navigating the site. 

Responsive / Reactive Design

The use of mobile devices to navigate the web has continued to increase dramatically in the last few years. To accommodate this need, the CCSU website has been design with a responsive structure. This simply means that the layout of the website will adjust to conform to different devices. This added functionality, while necessary, adds an additional level of complexity to the development of websites.

When developing content for the web, this should be taken into consideration. Content should not be added to the site that will not display properly on a mobile device.