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There are some elements on the web that should remain consistent throughout. Some elements should be included into the page without modification, while other elements allow for some flexibility. There are some instances where exceptions can be made to these rules, but they must be confirmed with the Office of Marketing & Communications.

Required Content

The following content is required on every CCSU page. A website designed with the CCSU website template will automatically adhere to all of these requirements.


The CCSU logo must be placed prominently at the top left of every webpage. This will happen naturally if a site uses the main CCSU navigation bar. For more information on the CCSU Logo, click here.

Main Navigation

The main CCSU navigation bar should be present on all CCSU webpages. Not only does it make navigating the site easier for students, it also keeps the CCSU brand consistent. The top navigation is managed exclusively by the Office of Marketing & Communications.

The main navigation is a horizontal navigation bar that sits at the top of the page.

Internal Site Navigation

Left banner navigation will be used for internal sites. Sites can be organized into several smaller sections with unique left navigation for each section, but should contain links back to the main 'parent' homepage. Creating a secondary top navigation for an individual website is not supported.

Site navigation should be placed to the left of the main content of each page.

Site Identifying Top Banner

Every website must contain a site identifying banner near the top of each page. This must include the name of the department, center, organization, etc that the site references. The top banner must remain consistent throughout the site. The homepage of a site can have a custom top banner design, but the rest of the site should share a single top banner design. The banner can be text, or through collaboration with the Office of Marketing & Communications, a graphic can be rendered to serve the same purpose.

The site identifying top banner should be placed directly beneath the main CCSU navigation.


Like the main navigation, the footer must be included on every CCSU webpage. The footer contains links to useful pages, as well as important safety and compliance information. All sites should reference "Central Connecticut State University," not the individual department, as the official copyright. The footer is managed exclusively by the Office of Marketing & Communications.

The footer should be placed at the bottom of every webpage, under the content.


Preferred Content

It is recommended that the following elements be placed on CCSU websites, when applicable, for convenience and ease-of-use by user. 

Breadcrumb Navigation

Breadcrumbs are navigation items that show where a user is contextually on the website. They give an idea of the path he/she has followed to get to the page they are on, as well as make it easier to return to previous pages.

Breadcrumb links should be placed near the top of the page, before the main content begins, and should show a clear, left-to-right progression detailing the current pages location.

Secondary Top Navigation

Secondary top navigation is only to be used to unify connected departments if the department belongs to a larger entity. The links on this navigation should only serve as a method for navigating between these areas, but may include some additional links if they appear valuable to all areas sharing the nav bar.

For example, the School of Business has 5 academic departments. Each of these departments and the main School of Business site will all share a single secondary top navigation for the purpose of connecting those entities together. 

The secondary top navigation should be placed above the breadcrumbs.

Left Banner Contact Information

It is recommended that a location and contact information be included for all sites. Contact information should include a name, title, phone, and email of each contact. There can be multiple contacts here, but it should be limited to a few necessary key contacts.

The contact information should be placed in the left banner under the left navigation.


"Under Construction" Pages

Web pages that are "under construction" or are still in development should not be made publicly available. If a page is being developed, it should remain hidden/not linked to until it is ready to be launched.