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Website Design/Development Guide


Central Style Guide


Universal Structural/Layout Elements

All official University website should adopt the web templates created by the Office of Marketing & Communications.
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If the CCSU logo is to be used in additional locations other than the top navigation and footer, it is important that the correct logo is used and that it is used correctly.
Click here for copies of the official logo, as well as guidelines for using the logo properly.

Written Copy

There are many best-practices regarding writing content on the web. In general, however, you want to keep information short and concise. A user will not spend time reading long passages of text. Short, concise paragraphs, with links to additional information if necessary.
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Photos/Graphic Content

Images should be properly optimized and resized for the web. Even pictures taken from a cell phone will be significantly too large to use online. Doing this will help ensure a quality user experience.
More information on image treatement & optimization

Mobile Responsive Design

Mobile browsing on phones and tablets is skyrocketing. As a result, the CCSU site has been designed to accommodate any device screen size. This flexibility, while crucial and convenient, does create additional considerations when developing and designing a website.

More information on the responsive layout of the CCSU website can be found here

Web Accessibility

Every CCSU website must be 508 and W3C compliant.