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Tourism and Hospitality Studies





Welcome to our website! We hope you find the information you need to answer your specific questions about THS @ CCSU. For more information about our program, please contact Dr. Jeffery Kreeger, Director at (860) 832-2787 or call the Geography department main number at (860) 832-2785.

What recent graduates are saying about THS

"My thanks to you and the department for the information from classes I'm using all the time. Who knew a term paper I did for Dr. Rickard on an itinerary in Nova Scotia ever would have come in handy!"
This graduate is currently working with a well-respected tour operator in Boston, Massachusetts.

"After switching my major in my Sophomore year to Hospitality and Tourism, Dr. Truly really welcomed me into the program with open arms and guided me to the right path that I had to take to accomplish my academic goals. Hospitality and Tourism was a "fun" major and allowed us to explore out of the classroom with hands on projects and visiting different companies and sites that were incorporated with the class we were taking with Dr. Dorman and Dr. Benfield. I think this major allows you to network well and lets you branch out into different areas."
This graduate is currently working at a prominent event management company in Stamford, Connecticut. 

Attention Employers!

Our students are highly qualified as our program and the university requires them to take standard business classes (management, marketing, accounting, finance, law, economics, languages, etc.) along with hospitality, tourism, and geography courses.

If you have any open position announcements, please send them to Dr. Jeffery Kreeger at Job alerts are sent to our ever-growing listserv, which reaches not only current students but also graduates working in the industry. Thus, both entry and mid level positions are more than appropriate.

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