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Dr. Jeffery Kreeger

Director and Assistant Professor
Ebenezer D. Bassett Hall, Room 417
860.832.3140 (fax)

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Degree Programs

Tourism and Hospitality Studies (THS) at CCSU offers two degree programs to accommodate the diverse needs of both our students and the industry. While both programs have produced successful professionals, each offers different curriculum options and opportunities that suit the varied career goals of our students.

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Hospitality and Tourism

This program is geared toward those interested in managing in hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, attractions, convention centers, and other traditional hospitality industries. Students are required to take Foundation Courses which consist of introductory business courses (e.g., Marketing, Management, Accounting) and classes on tourism development and impacts. The Core courses focus more on Tourism and Hospitality management issues and trends. While there is no minor in this program, students have the opportunity to select electives that reflect their particular interest in the industry.

Transfer and Non-Traditional Students - We welcome both transfer students and non-traditional students returning to school after a hiatus. We generally accept all Tourism/Hospitality-related courses with certain restrictions. Students need to meet with the THS Director regarding transfer issues. Courses outside of this program (e.g., general education courses and business courses) fall under the control of the specific departments and the university. For more information about which courses transfer credit to CCSU, please visit the University's transfer equivalency site by clicking this link.

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Geography with Specialization in Tourism

The first tourism degree offered at CCSU, this program focuses on the geographic nature of tourism development and thus, students are required to take more geography courses than in the B.S. degree. This degree is particularly appropriate for those considering working for municipal, state or federal agencies (e.g., planning, parks and/or recreation, ecotourism/nature-based tourism organizations, cultural/historical tourism agencies, and tourism development entities). Students are encouraged to develop at least basic skills in computer-based geographic technologies such as GIS and Remote Sensing, which are highly desired in both the private and public sector. Students choose a minor (e.g., Marketing, a foreign language, etc.) that complements their tourism career interests.