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Independent Summer Programs at CCSU's Partner University

Students applying to independent summer programs must complete the online CIE Travel Program Registration. Once students have been accepted into the program by CCSU, CIE will guide them to the partner university's website for program specific applications. Students should check both CIE and partner universities' websites for any dates and registration requirements changes. For further assistance or inquiries, please get in touch with our office.

Prerequisites listed under each independent program are subject to change as universities finalize their 2022 programs. Please continue to check each university website for updates and contact CIE for any questions.

Czech Republic

Prague University of Economics and Business

CESP-Central and East European Studies Program is a one- or two-semester program held in English, focusing on Central and East European economies, societies, and cultures. The program accepts both graduate and undergraduate students. It presents Summer University and here is the list of courses. For more information about the program, visit the university website or the brochure.


University of Caen

The University of Caen offers an Intensive language program for immediate immersion into French culture, promoting the acquisition of increasing autonomy in various communication situations. The university offers two summer sessions dedicated to oral and written communication, reinforcement of grammatical structure, vocabulary enrichment, and cultural thematic stories. You may check this brochure


Baden-Wuerttemberg-Connecticut Exchange (BW-CT) Programs

  1. Summer Service Learning in Konstanz

This competitive seven-week summer program allows students to combine language learning with active social engagement. The program kicks off with a one-week intensive German language course and provides a theoretical framework for hands-on work with refugees and asylum seekers. Students earn four credits for this program.

Explore Konstanz here

  1. Summer University in Stuttgart

The University of Stuttgart hosts a very affordable Summer University, which starts right after the U.S. spring term ends and runs for five weeks.

Each weekday starts with an intensive language courses in the beginning or intermediate German. In the afternoon, classes are taught in English and include subject areas like history, architecture, communication, and the arts.

Explore Stuttgart here


Lorenzo de’Medici

Lorenzo de Medici (LdM) Summer Programs are the perfect opportunity to earn credit and experience in Italian culture for a concentrated period of class time. A broad selection of courses, hands-on workshops, renowned field schools, featured summer excursions, and culinary arts exploration are all part of LdM's diverse summer offering. The Summer Programs consist of 2 four-week-long sessions held during June and July. They are offered at both sites: Florence and Tuscany. Summer Programs are well-suited for both undergraduate students who want to study abroad and earn academic credit and independent students seeking a meaningful educational experience. For more information, please check here.


Kansai Gaidai University

In 2022, Kansai Gaidai University will continue to offer the online courses taught by the well-experienced faculty members, plus the summer program also will include unique opportunities to participate in virtual field trips in Osaka, Kyoto, and Nara as well as interactions with local students. The summer program will be three to six-week course programs from June to July, with introductory Japanese courses, introduction to Japanese culture, and virtual intercultural interaction with Kansai Gaidai local students. For more information, please check here.

South Korea

Kyung Hee University

Through a long-standing partnership between CCSU and Kyung Hee University in Seoul, South Korea, CCSU students are eligible to apply to direct-enroll in Kyung Hee's Global Collaborative Summer Program. The Global Collaborative Summer program aims to study important agendas of future civilizations with world-renowned scholars. Also, it empowers future generations to become global citizens who can contribute to a sustainable society. This program includes: 

  • An investigation on the crisis of civilization and its solutions 
  • Building a friendship through international network 
  • An opportunity to experience Korean culture online

With a faculty team of internationally renowned scholars, all courses are taught in English. For more information, please check here 


University of Salamanca

  1. Spanish Language Courses

Spanish language courses are available during the summer months of July and August. When students begin, course durations are available for two, three, four, six and eight weeks. These are similar in structure to the intensive and semester-long courses, and students can choose between 15, 20, or 25 classroom hours per week. Four distinct language levels are available: complete beginner, intermediate, advanced, and proficient. Students take a proficiency test to determine their appropriate placement on their first day of class. For more information, please visit the university website. 

  1. Inter-University MA in Spanish

This degree program is designed to provide Spanish graduate students in general, and current in-service teachers of Spanish (in particular), with graduate-level coursework in Spanish language, and Hispanic literature and cultures. For more information, please check here.