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Zongxiang Mei

International Education Coordinator

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University Assistant

For general questions, please email us at study_abroad@ccsu.edu

Koeki University (Tohoku University of Community Service and Science)

Sakata, Yamagata, Japan

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Koeki University welcomes students from all educational, ethnic and cultural backgrounds as well as disabled or minority students, and is very flexible for time frame and personal preferences that match students’ curriculum goals and needs. We are very aware of students’ individual restrictions and are able to accommodate intensive study hours due to our system of quarterly (7-week) as well as semester (14-week) courses. Students may enroll for one year or two years that will count toward credits for their degree in their own country. International students should have an interest in learning Japanese, in Japanese culture, ethics, and lifestyle. Immersion-based learning can be mixed with some classes in English. Immersion-based classes should be in a subject closely connected to that the student is taking at their own home university.

Academic Subjects

There are a number of courses taught in English (including Economics, Presentation Skills, Academic Writing, Japanese Culture, and some Social Welfare courses/ Field Work) so students can pace their study of Japanese and earn credits from these as well. There is a list available here of all courses (ones with titles in English are taught primarily)



Students may choose to live in Koeki University dormitory houses on campus or homestay.


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Program Details

Language Requirement: Some Japanese

Language of Instruction: English/Japanese

Required GPA: 3.0

Term: Fall, Spring, Full-Year

Program: Undergraduate and Graduate


Program Costs

Students pay regular CCSU tuition directly to CCSU. Housing and meal costs will be paid on-site in Japan



Zongxiang Mei

Center for International Education
Barnard Hall, Room 406
860 832 2043