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How Volcanoes Shape the Land: The Geochemistry of the Azores

The nine islands of the Azorean archipelago lie nearly equidistant from North America and Europe, at the intersection of three separate tectonic plates. These islands first appeared on European maps as early as 1351 and were periodically explored and later claimed by Portuguese sailors into the early 15th century, with the first settlement established in 1450. Students enrolled in this course will visit sites of interest unique to the Azores and explore how geochemical forces such as tectonic and volcanic activity have led to the distinctive landscapes, agricultural production systems, and cultural expressions seen in the Azores. Some areas we may visit include:

  • Sete Cidades: This volcanic area is home to twin lakes, Lagoa Verde and Lagoa Azul, which formed after a massive volcanic eruption. While the two lakes are connected, the different chemical and geologic deposits lead to two distinct colors of the lakes.
  • Chá Gorreana: The Azores have the only tea plantation in Europe, the plantation abuts the black sand beaches of the Azores.
  • Furnas: The Azorean hot springs at Furnas are steaming vents that are home to pure sulfur deposits, and in which the locals congregate to cook cozinho, an Azorean stew.
  • Pico: The Azorean Island of Pico lies less than 20 miles from the island of Faial, though Pico is the westernmost landmass in Europe and Faial is the easternmost mass in North America. The center of Pico is the highest peak in the Azores, with the active volcano rising to 2,351meters above sea level. These two islands have acres of vineyards that are open for tours and tastings.

Whether enrolled for general education or advanced credit, students will have an experience of a lifetime that is only a four-hour plane ride from Boston.

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3/10/2023 - 3/17/2023

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CHEM 100 - Chemistry in Context, 3 credits

CHEM 485 - Topics in Chemistry, 3 credits (Prerequisites: Permission of Instructor)




A limited number of scholarships are available. Scholarships will be a minimum of $500 based on the available funds. A minimum GPA requirement is 3.0! Scholarships are awarded on a first-first come first-served basis. The registration portal has a limited timeframe, we suggest you prepare your scholarship essay before starting the application! They are due together. Click here to see the scholarship prompts.

Program Director(s)

Prof. Barry Westcott
Chemistry & Biochemistry