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Meet Our Graduate Interns

Janay DiazJanay Diaz

First Year Intern - Student Center Operations
Undergraduate Education: University of Saint Joseph, Business Management
As a current First-Year Student Center Operations Intern, I oversee our Breakers Game Room, Set-Up Crew, and Web/Graphics Team. My favorite thing about being an intern in the Student Center is the amount of opportunities we are exposed to on a daily basis, you feel like you are always growing and learning. A benefit of this internship is the skills we discuss and learn in class are constantly coinciding with the work we are doing on a daily basis. The professional staff members are extremely useful in your journey as an intern and working with a diverse group of students make the work we do so much more valuable! Go Blue Devils!


Linzy MartinezLinzy Martinez

Second Year Intern - Student Activities and Leadership Development
Undergraduate Education: Central Connecticut State University, Sociology
I wouldn’t trade the learning experience of this internship for anything else. From area supervisor to program advisor, transitioning into my second year has given me the opportunity to have new challenges and new rewarding experiences. I value every moment with these students and am grateful for all I have learned inside and outside of the classroom in the last year. Central’s community works extremely hard to offer growth for students and the professionals foster an environment to develop the skills an intern needs to succeed. Go Blue Devils!


Matt LandriganMatt Landrigan

First Year Intern - Student Activities and Leadership Development
Undergraduate Education: Southern Connecticut State University, Business Marketing
This internship has allowed me the opportunity to work closely with and learn from seasoned professionals in the field of Student Affairs while simultaneously developing my skills by working with students in a multitude of facets. In Student Activities/Leadership Development, I advise and support students who have taken on leadership roles in a club or organization in which they are passionate about. Seeing them develop into skilled leaders is extremely rewarding. Taking what I’ve learned in the classroom and applying it to my daily interaction with students has given me the confidence I need to support students in all areas as they pursue their college career. Go Blue Devils!


Danni AlarieDanni Alarie

Second Year Intern - Student Center Operations
Undergraduate Education: Bridgewater State University, Physical Education
My name is Danni Alarie and I am currently in my second year of the CCSU Student Activities/ Student Center Internship, supervising Student Center Managers & Managing our Marketing program. This internship is a unique experience you can’t find just anywhere. The intentional educational implications benefit you in a way that connects directly with what you learn in the classroom. You are actively taking on professional roles, emerging yourself directly in the work you can expect to find in your first job after graduation. This internship has given me some of the most meaningful professional and personal relationships that I will continue to value always. Go Blue Devils!


Lisa LeggettLisa Leggett

First Year Intern - Student Activities and Leadership Development
Undergraduate Education: Central Connecticut State University, Psychological Science w/ Human Performance minor
Of all the internships in the world, I am glad to have received this one. Being back on Central’s campus has reminded me that everything I do, I do for future generations. Serving as a Program Advisor to over 30 Multicultural and Faith Based groups, supporting our leadership initiative called LEADS, and serving as an Administrator for the Mosaic Center, I am blessed to have the opportunity to foster inclusivity & respect among student groups on Central’s campus. A great aspect of this internship are the long lasting relationships you create with the professional staff and fellow interns in your area as well as the other departments on campus. These relationships serve as opportunities to make connections, acquire knowledge, and ensure success. I know without a doubt this internship at CCSU will propel me forward on my journey to become the Student Affairs Professional I aspire to be. Go Blue Devils!

Alicia TorelloAlicia Torello

First Year Intern - Student Center Operations
Undergraduate Education: Monmouth University, Communications
As a first year Intern, I have had the opportunity to begin to develop the building blocks of important skills that will aid in my success as a Higher Education Professional. As a Student Center Operations Intern, I have the honor of supervising Student Employees including our Information Desk/ CENtix Box Office team and experience of having on call responsibilities both during the week, and on rotating weekend schedule. Through the Internship experience, I can take what I am learning in the classroom and apply it to my work in real life. I would not trade this experience and the relationships I have built for the world. Go Blue Devils!


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