Student Center


Meet Our Graduate Interns

AbbyAbigail Hancock

Second Year Intern - Student Center Operations
Undergraduate Education: Merrimack College, Human Development

I am excited to be entering my second year of the internship! This year, I am currently overseeing the students who manage the CENtix Box Office and the Reception Desk. During my year in Student Activities as a first year intern, I was the advisor to the Cultural Organizations and the Faith Based Groups. The support from the staff and students that I get to work with everyday are a huge reason why I enjoy being a Blue Devil so much. My favorite aspect of the internship is the new experiences you get each year in the two departments. The greatest lesson that I have learned so far is to look to your support system that is around you for help when you need it, there is always someone there to help you! Go Blue Devils!


LaurenLauren Foligno

Second Year Intern - Student Center Operations
Undergraduate Education: Johnson & Wales University, Event Management

Entering my second year of this program, I could not be more excited. The experience and responsibility given to interns is a huge reason why I have enjoyed my time at CCSU. In my first year as an intern in Student Activities, I oversaw many programming initiatives including advising the Program Board (C.A.N), executing alternative late night programming (Devil's Den 10PM), and implementing a leadership program for the student body. In my final year at CCSU, I will be supervising the Center Managers of the Student Center. I am also eager to jump into my role with promotions. I can’t wait to share what I love about the Student Center with the entire campus! I am thankful to have such an amazing team of co-workers, supervisors and students supporting me as I pursue my professional goals. Go Blue Devils!


AndreaAndrea Giachino

Second Year Intern - Student Activities and Leadership Development
Undergraduate Education: University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, Psychology

The Central Connecticut State University campus has been the perfect place for me to take my next steps as a professional. The community here is dynamic, supportive, and constantly changing. I have been exposed to events that have allowed me to learn many new ways to support students. CCSU, the students, and staff have all assisted in my transition from student leader to student affairs professional. Each day brings new challenges, opportunities, and insight! This internship allows me to work with a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals, who truly care about me. Through collaboration and individual efforts I am gaining experiences beyond what I imagined an intern could achieve. As an intern I know my development is a top priority and can see the personal growth occurring. Go Blue Devils!


LinzyLinzy Martinez

First Year Intern - Student Center Operations
Undergraduate Education: Central Connecticut State University, Sociology 

My favorite aspect of this internship experience is how respected graduate interns are as professionals. This internship gives amazing opportunities for graduate students to gain a well-established professional experience and great coaching from professionals we are able to look up to. I am a Graduate Intern in Student Center Operations and I supervise Breakers Game Room, Set-Up Crew and Central Reservations. I coordinate event crew and the STAR of the month employee recognition program. CCSU is dedicated to giving its students a great experience and lots of opportunity to be involved. Central is a community as much as it is a campus. When applying for this internship I knew being here would allow me to connect with this amazing student population and be a part of fostering this already incredible community. The greatest thing I have learned so far is how to own up to and learn from successes not just mistakes and be proud of the work you accomplish.


DanniDanielle Alarie

First Year Intern - Student Activities and Leadership Development
Undergraduate Education: Bridgewater State University, Physical Education 

Of all the rewarding aspects that come along with the internship, working alongside such incredible professionals and interns who support your growth, goals and process, is among one of my favorites. This is a field driven by a passion to help students uncover their potential, find their place in the college community, and discover who they are. The internship provides an opportunity to feed that passion. The diverse student body of CCSU has given me the chance to work with students of varying goals and ever-changing missions and values. The internship fosters my passion for higher education by allowing me to learn through the work and by providing experiences real professionals undergo. Central, my fellow interns and the students have become a defining part of my life. I am proud to be a Blue Devil!


NathanNathan Emery

Second Year Intern - Student Activities and Leadership Development
Undergraduate Education: Central Connecticut State University, English

The diverse population, the accommodating classes, and the supportive staff grabbed my interest, but the internship offered experiences that hooked me. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to learn about Student Center Operations and Student Activities & Leadership Development from the ground up, while simultaneously fostering my own growth. I've learned plenty about students, but more about myself. Currently, I advise the programming board—Central Activities Network (CAN)—and 20 various student clubs and organizations. I also supervise our department graphic designers. My favorite aspect of the position is working with the many different clubs and organizations on campus, and helping them grow their interests throughout the campus community. Academically, the internship has allowed me to take what I've learned in the classroom and apply it in practice. I have no doubt I'll emerge from the internship greater than I once was. Go Blue Devils!