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Student & Faculty Spotlight

Congratulations to Dr. Jessica Greenebaum, recipient of the CCSU 2020 Rainbow Award!

Dr. Greenebaum Rainbow Awards

Sociologists In the News

A. Fiona Pearson - "College and Kids" - Where We Live, NPR (Podcast - January 14, 2020)

Christopher Doucot - "Gig Professors Need Protection During Coronavirus" Hartford Courant (Editorial - April 29, 2020)

Jessica Greenebaum - "Sociology & Animals: Series 1" American Sociological Association (Podcast - June 17, 2020)

A. Fiona Pearson - "Understanding Students Who are Parents" by Jilliam M. Duquaine Watson (Book Review, Academe - Spring 2020)


Sociology Alumni - Accomplishments & Publications

Tom Hopkins (Class of 2020) - "Records Show UCONN Failed to Dismiss Professor Guilty of Sexual Misconduct." Medium, July 29, 2020

Central Authors

Professor Christopher Doucot

No Innocent Bystanders: Becoming an Ally in the Struggle for Justice

Dr. Charisse Levchak

Microagressions and Modern Racism: Endurance and Evolution

Senior Seminar Research Conference - Fall 2019

Noah Cross

Noah Cross

Bridget Stover

Bridget Stover

Sara Tecle

Sara Tecle

Marquis Ward

Marquis Ward