Department of Social Work


Program Admission

Steps for Incoming Transfer Students

Pre-Social Work Majors

Apply to CCSU
Step 1

Students should arrange for all transcripts from other colleges and/or universities to be sent directly to the Admissions Office.

Step 2

After receiving the CCSU acceptance letter/information, the transfer student must contact the School of Education & Professional Studies (SEPS) Advising Center Office for Incoming Transfer Students (Pre-Social Work Majors advising appointments).

The number to call for transfer information & advising is (860) 832-2370.

Prepare for Advising
Step 3

Bring the Transfer Credit Evaluation form sent by CCSU along with the acceptance letter and a list of current courses if currently enrolled in any (an unofficial transcript is acceptable). Without this information, students cannot be fully advised.

If the Transfer Credit Evaluation is not in the packet of information sent from CCSU Admissions, the student must contact Admissions for a copy of it PRIOR to the meeting with Advising Center staff. Without the Transfer Credit Evaluation, students will have to reschedule the advising appointment.

When meeting with the transfer adviser, students will be provided with basic orientation, a list of courses to register for in the semester he/she wishes to begin at CCSU, and a Personal Identification Number (PIN) which will allow students to access registration at the credit-level specified time.

Step 4

Register for courses: All registration is online. Students will be assisted to activate the Pipeline account to access registration. Information is available on line regarding how to utilize Pipeline and Registration. The Advising Center can also answer questions regarding this process.

The Social Work Program at CCSU has a selective admissions policy. The policy is based on the need to maintain a program of excellence based on the mandates of the Council of Social Work Education (CSWE).

Acceptance to the Social Work Program is based upon successful completion of specific courses (see below) and successful volunteer experience in writing skills. In addition, students must have (and maintain) a GPA of 2.5 in all required prerequisites and major courses, and 2.0 overall for CCSU. Please consult The Student Handbook available on line at the CCSU Social Work website for detailed information. Students apply to the major when enrolled in the SECOND 200-level social work course (either SW226 or SW227).

Courses Required for Admission to the Social Work Program Must be a Grade of 'C' or Higher

BIO 111 Introductory Biology OR BMS 111 Cells and the Human Body

PS 110 American Government OR PS 230 State and Local Government

SOC 110 Introductory Sociology OR ANTH 140 Introduction to Anthropology

SOC 111 Social Problems OR SW 100 Exploration in Social Work

SOC 233 The Family

ECON 200 Principles of Economics I

STAT 215 Statistics for Behavioral Science

SW 225 Writing for the Social Work Profession (must be taken concurrently with SW 226 OR SW 227)

SW 226 Social Welfare Policy and Services I (2 prerequisites: SOC 110 or ANTH 140 and SOC 111 or SW 100)

SW 227 Human Behavior and Social Environment I (2 prerequisites: SOC 223 and either BIO 111 or BMS 100) 

Additional Resources

Students who are interested in international study experiences for general education credit should consider a course abroad for credit. For information on course abroad programs and other study abroad opportunities, see the Center for International Education.

Please see the Student Handbook and Field Education Manual here.