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Biochemistry, BS

Biology: Ecology, Biodiversity, and Evolutionary Biology, BS

Biology: Environmental Science, BS

Biology: General Biology, BS

Biology: Human Biology, BS

Biomolecular Sciences, BS

Chemistry, BS

Civil Engineering, BS

Computer Engineering Technology, BS

Computer Science, BS

Computer Science Honors, BS

Construction Management, BS

Cybersecurity, BS

Earth Sciences: Environmental Earth Science, BS

Earth Sciences: Environmental Geology, BS

Earth Sciences: General Earth Sciences, BS

Earth Sciences: Geology, BS

Earth Sciences: Planetary Geology, BS

Electrical Engineering, BS

Electronics Technology, BS

Graphics Technology, BS

Manufacturing Engineering Technology, BS

Manufacturing Management, BS

Mathematics, BA

Mathematics: Actuarial Science, BA

Mathematics: Statistics, BA

Mechanical Engineering, BS

Mechanical Engineering Technology, BS

Networking Information Technology, BS

Physics, BS

Physics: Biology Concentration, BS

Physics: Biomolecular Science Concentration, BS

Physics: Engineering Physics Concentration, BS

Physics: Finance Concentration, BS

Robotics and Mechatronics Engineering Technology, BS

Technology Management, BS

Teacher Certication