Student Disability Services

Finding a Note-Taker

Re: Student's Name

SDS knows the above named student as a student with a disability who is eligible for University-arranged note-taking assistance. In order to facilitate this process, please assist the student by either:

  • Identifying a student in class whom you believe is a good note-taker.
  • Making an announcement in class requesting a volunteer note-taker. 
  • If you have difficulty identifying a volunteer on the first try, announce that SDS is willing to pay a student to share their notes. You can also remind your students that University-arranged note-taking looks great on a resume.

When a student requests payment for their services, please direct them to SDS (Willard 101-03) to complete the appropriate paperwork. If paperwork is not completed at the start of the semester then payment may not be granted.

SDS can provide the University-arranged note-taker with a carbonless paper notebook for hand-written notes; note-takers can also provide the student with copied or typed notes. Note-takers must be dependable and focused on taking timely, legible, informative notes. It is up to the student and the note-taker to decide if they would like to be introduced. If they choose not to be introduced, SDS will serve as the intermediary for exchanges of all notes and communications.
Please provide the above named student access to your notes or overheads. Faculty can also develop web-guided notes. This service may also be beneficial to mainstream students.
Thank you for your assistance in the collaborative effort to ensure that this student receives this mandated accommodation. If you would like to consult with me in this matter, or if any problems arise, please feel free to call me at (860) 832-1952.

Natalie Stimpson-Byers
Coordinator, Student Disability Services


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