Student Disability Services

Exam Proctoring Procedures

A student's eligibility for exam taking accommodations is based on confidential verifying documentation provided to SDS. The most common exam taking accommodations are the provisions of extended time and/or a distraction reduced environment. When the faculty or department is unable to provide the recommended exam taking accommodations, SDS provides proctoring assistance.

SDS strives to maintain the highest academic integrity possible when proctoring exams. We have a distraction reduced exam room that allows us to proctor exams. The SDS exam room, located in Willard Hall, Suite 101, is open Monday through Friday from 8:15 a.m. -- 4:45 p.m. Seating for the exam room is limited and must be reserved in advance.

Please read the following procedures regarding proctoring assistance. It is critical that the faculty and student discuss the content of the Student Accommodation Letter to determine how exam accommodations will be implemented.



The student is responsible for scheduling each exam at least three days in advance, coordinating with both the instructor and SDS. Students may schedule an exam time by visiting Willard Hall, Suite 101-03, by calling (860) 832-1952 or by e-mailing



At the beginning of the semester, the faculty should inform the student of the exam schedule for the course. The faculty will decide how the exam will be delivered to SDS. It is important that the Exam Proctoring Checklist accompany the exam; the student will have access to only those items noted by the instructor on the checklist. Exam Proctoring Checklists will be e-mailed to faculty members several days before the scheduled exam and are also available on-line and in SDS.


Exam delivery options:

  1. E-mail the exam with the completed Exam Proctoring Checklist to
  2. Fax the exam to 860-832-1865
  3. Drop off the exam to SDS (Willard 101-03) located in the Learning Center (Willard 101)


Exam return options:

  1. Faculty or department secretary will pick up exam from SDS (Willard 101-03) located in the Learning Center (Willard 101)
  2. Send by campus mail to this department: ____________________
  3. Scan completed exam to faculty e-mail (Exam must be on single-sided 8.5X11 paper; cannot scan exams with Blue Books)


Additional Information:

Once an exam has begun, a student may not leave and then finish taking the exam at a later time. Students will not be allowed to print completed on-line exams unless specified by the instructor. A student who misses the scheduled exam date and time will not be allowed to take the exam without permission from the faculty member. Untaken exams will be held until the end of the semester and then shredded.

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