Move-In Information

Here is some useful information when planning your move to campus:

  • Check here for a list of items to bring and not to bring.

  • The windows in all residence hall rooms have blinds.

  • When purchasing sheets remember that all mattresses on campus are extra long twin.

  • To avoid possible room charges all posters and pictures should be hung with either masking tape or 3M Command Strips.

  • Only one television and refrigerator is allowed per room, make sure you and your roommate discuss who will bring what.

When you arrive on campus make sure you:

  • Have your student ID. Check in with a Residence Life staff member.

    • You will not be able to get into the front door of your residence hall without your student ID.

    • Your student ID is also the key to your room.

  • Prior to your arrival on campus a Residence Life staff member made note of any damage in your room on a Room Condition Form (RCF), that you will review and sign at check in.

    • If you see anything in your room that was not included on the Room Condition Report please tell a Residence Life Staff member immediately.

    • Please be aware that students may be held responsible for any damage at check out that was not reported on the Room Condition Report at check in.