Dean's Cup

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Dean's Cup

Dean’s Cups is an Inter-Residence Hall competition, where residents compete for their Halls in events such as; Card Board Canoe Races, Dodgeball, Jeopardy, Lip Sync Battles, Capture the Flag, and many other events throughout the year. The Dean’s Cup Committee is headed by IRC's Student Affairs Liaison and representatives from each hall who plan and facilitate the events with the IRC Executive Board. Through these events, halls earn points that calculate their overall Deans Cup rank. Attendance is added to their event scores so halls prepare for the event by trying to generate attendance. The leader of the rankings could change from month to month depending on each hall's individual performance and attendance at the month’s event. However, going into the last event of the year which is Super Saturday enough points could be earned that the Dean's Cup is anyone's to win.

Super Saturday

Super Saturday is a field day type of event where halls compete in multiple events throughout the day. All of the points earned over the year and during Super Saturday are then combined and whichever hall ranks 1st is the winner of Dean's Cup. This year’s Super Saturday will be in April (date to be determined). The theme for this year’s event will be The Olympics. Halls will compete in games such as the javelin throw, make your own Olympic torch, put on a frozen t-shirt, and many more events. Who will be this year's winner? Only time will tell!