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Gallaudet Hall is a six floor coed "quad residence" hall with every three rooms sharing a bathroom. The first, third, fifth, and sixth floors are male, the second and fourth are female. Each floor contains a lounge complete with a television and a kitchen. Other amenities include: a game room, vending area, and computer lab on the ground floor and air conditioning. The laundry room contains washers and dryers that run off of the Blue Chip Debit Card. Gallaudet Hall is staffed by six Resident Assistants (RA), one Senior Resident Assistant (SRA), and a full time Resident Director (RD).

Mascott: Gator
Building Colors: Green and Grey 

Resident Director: John Bushell
Office Phone: 860-832-3452 
Office Hours: Monday - Friday: 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Gallaudet Hall Room Facts
Room Dimensions: 12' by 12'6" 
Window Dimensions: 44" by 60"
Types of Rooms: 129 Doubles 
Mattress Length: Extra Long Twin
Type of Beds: Bunk Beds (All beds must remain bunked)


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What the students are saying about Gallaudet:

"I've lived in Gallaudet since I moved to Central and I love the building and the people. Everyone in the building is so nice and really easy to get along with. The RA's, PA, and RD do a wonderful job of keeping us entertained with fun programs. Living here has made my experience on campus one I will never forget. " -Cathleen Barrett, Sophomore, Tourism and Hospitality