Reopen Plan

Reopen Plan


Fall 2020 Reopening Plans

CCSU’s “Blueprint for a Successful Fall 2020” is progressing rapidly, with significant safety and technological upgrades added to campus and classrooms and the rollout of HyFlex and online course registration underway.

The university announced last month its decision to offer Fall 2020 classes online and in a HyFlex format as a safety precaution amid the continuing COVID-19 pandemic. HyFlex courses are delivered in person and broadcast online at the same time by the same faculty member (more details below). Approximately one-third of CCSU’s classes this fall will be offered in the HyFlex format. If pandemic conditions require campus to close again, HyFlex course instructors will be prepared to shift to an all-online format.

To learn more about healthy and safety upgrades on campus, take a video tour with Chief Operations Officer Sal Cintorino. 

About Fall 2020 HyFlex classes

The HyFlex approach provides the traditional classroom experience to those who prefer that learning environment and allows students to practice social distancing as needed. This fall, HyFlex classes will be held in approximately 65 rooms across campus that have been measured for safe room occupancy to maintain appropriate social distance.  

In HyFlex classes, the instructor will teach a dozen students in the classroom and another 20 or so online simultaneously. All HyFlex classes will be recorded and available to all students in the class for those who need to refer back to the material or missed a class either online or in person.

Watch Professor Kristine Larsen give a test run of a HyFlex classroom here

About Fall 2020 online classes

Fully online classes will be offered in one of two formats: synchronously, meaning classes take place on a certain date and at a certain time; and asynchronously, in which the class is prerecorded and does not meet on a specific date.

Registration updates

The Office of the Registrar is in the process of updating the Fall 2020 course catalogue to include HyFlex and online options. Students who have already registered for courses do not need to take any additional action.

Online-only class registration: Students who prefer to take only online classes, can register now through WebCentral-Banner Web. Online classes will be listed in WebCentral-Banner Web as either ONLINE SYNCH and ONLINE ASYNCH (details above).

HyFlex class registration (in person): Registration for in-person HyFlex classes is underway. Please be aware that the number of physical seats in a HyFlex class is limited; priority will be given to certain student groups, including residential and international students. The Registrar’s Office will contact priority students with details and instructions on how to add or drop these classes. 

Open add/drop for in-person HyFlex seats will run from Aug. 3 to Sept. 1. After Sept. 1, seating assignments will be final. 

Online HyFlex classes will be listed in Banner as Online: HyFlex.

For more information, contact the Office of the Registrar or visit