Spring 2021 Workgroup Membership


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Hotline for COVID Information Line and Resource Navigator:
(860) 832-3200

COVID Student Contact Center: 
(860) 832-1910

"All-Incidents" Employee Call Center 
(860) 832-3202

Spring 2021 Work Group Membership


Dr. Christina Robinson (Chair), Assoc. Vice President for Graduate Studies, Research, & Faculty Development

Dr. Kim Kostelis (Deputy Chair), Dean of the School of Education & Professional Studies

Cheyenne Bermudez, Student and Vice President of the Student Government Association

Dr. Tom Burkholder, Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry and AAUP representative

Dr. Joe Farhat, Dean of the School of Business

Justine Gamache, SEST Advising & Student Support Specialist and SUOAF representative

Dr. Jerry Jarrett, Professor of Biology

Dr. Ju Kim, Dean of the School of Engineering, Science & Technology

Dr. Kristine Larsen, Professor of Geological Sciences

Dr. Joe Paige, Assoc. Vice President for Academic Affairs

Dr. Robbin Smith, Chair of Dept. of Political Science and Faculty Senator representing CLASS chairs

Patrick Tucker, Registrar

Dr. Stephen Watton, Assoc. Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry and chair of the Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee

Dr. Robert Wolff, Dean of the Ammon College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences


Student Activities/Services

Karissa Peckham (Chair), Assoc. Vice President for Enrollment Management

Dr. Michael Jasek (Deputy Chair), Vice President for Student Affairs

Jean Alicandro, Director of Residence Life

Dr. Christina Barmon, Assistant Professor of Sociology and AAUP representative

Gladys Colon-Lawson, Coordinator of Student Financial Literacy and Advising and SUOAF representative

Pat Gardner, Director of Graduate Admissions

Larry Hall, Director of Admissions

Scott Hazan, Director of Student Activities/Leadership Development

Briana Kuo, Student and President of the Student Government Association

Kerri Langevin, MSN, APRN, PC-PNP-BC, Assistant Professor of Nursing and Faculty Senator representing Nursing Dept.

Keri Lupachino, Assistant Director of Financial Aid

Courtney McDavid, Special Projects Administrator

Scott McKenna, Director of Operations & Logistics

Tom Pincince, Interim Director of Athletics

Kathy Poirier, Director of the Student Center

Maria Santilli, Director of New Student Programs

Dr. John Tully, Chair of the Dept. of History


Logistics and Operations

Dr. George Claffey (Chair), Chief Information Officer

Charlene Casamento (Deputy Chair), Chief Financial Officer

Hank Altman, Campus Architect

Dr. Stuart Barnett, Professor of English and Faculty Senator

Sue Collins, Special Assistant to the President

Nicole Elsinger, Student and Treasurer of the Student Government Association

Jim Grupp, Director of Engineering Services

Dr. Vivian Martin, Chair of the Dept. of Journalism and Faculty Senator representing CLASS chairs

Sean McNickle, Director of Technical Services

Karen Misbach, Director of Environmental Health & Safety

Dr. Jim Mulrooney, Professor of Biomolecular Science

Mike Russo, Director of Counseling & Student Development

Dr. Kareem Shabana, Professor of Management & Organization and AAUP representative

Greg Sneed, Chief of Police

Steve Villanti, Assoc. Director of Athletics and SUOAF representative

Lisa Waskho, Manager of Institutional Technology and SUOAF representative