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What If Analysis

How to run a "what if" scenario automated degree evaluation
  1. Open your web browser and navigate to the CentralPipeline page at //

  2. Enter your BlueNet ID and password, then click on the Login button

  3. Click on Student tab once you are in CentralPipeline

  4. Click on Degree Evaluation from the Student and Financial Aid menu

  5. Click on the bottom link "What-If Analysis"

  6. Select an "Entry Term".

    This should be the term that you declare that particular major. Degree requirements are based on the semester that you declare the major. Then click Continue

  7. Select a Program.

    Choose the desired program in the drop down list. Then click Continue.

  8. Select the major in that program. Click on the drop down list for the appropriate major.

    Note, most programs only have one major.

    • If you only want to do a "what if" analysis on the major, click Submit, then Generate. (The process time varies between 20 and 60 seconds.)

    • If you want to also choose a minor or a concentration in the particular major, click Add More.

    • You will first be prompted to add a concentration in that particular major. Click the appropriate concentration. (Note: not all majors have concentrations.) Then click Submit, then Generate to run a degree evaluation for that major and concentration, or click Add More to add a minor.

    • If you want to add a minor, click Add More and choose a minor from the drop down list. Then click Submit then Generate. (The process time varies between 20 and 60 seconds.)

    • At the Degree Evaluation Display Options screen, click on the radio button next to Detail Requirements, then click Submit
    • The Degree Evaluation results will be displayed. You can print the results by clicking on File/Print (or the Print icon)