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Kobe and Dr. Dischino

RAM Mentee Kobe Onye and Dr. Michele Dischino meet to discuss Kobe's plans for this semester. It was important to Kobe that this meeting happened early in the semester, before he became overwhelmed with assignments. Kobe meets with Dr. Dischino regularly and is excited to be in the RAM program. Kobe is a freshmen majoring in Computer Science. Dr. Dischino meets with Kobe help him navigate his plan of study, find on campus resources and serves as an extra resource for many other issues.


Matt Callahan

Mathew Callahan is a sophomore CCSU student in the RAM program. He is majoring in Accounting and his RAM Faculty Mentor is Dr. Cheryl Crespi. When Mat first came to CCSU as a freshman, he had no idea about planning his academic program or scheduling his classes. Mat knew Dr. Crespi could point him in the right direction for networking and finding out what areas he would like to pursue further. As a result of fine tuning his resume with Dr. Crespi, Mat did an internship with Junior Achievement and is now professionally connected to people in that organization.

Mat has applied for another internship with Travelers for the summer of 2018. He is happy to have been selected for the RAM program. He's comfortable going to Dr. Crespi for advice and feels that he can align his studies with his post-graduation plans.

Mat has some advice for students who may be hesitant to meet with their RAM Faculty Mentor:

"Meeting with my Mentor has given me so much more clarity about my major and how I can get involved on campus. At first I was scared and nervous to meet with 'the professor', but I was amazed to see how eager to help me with everything. I would not have attended any of the School of Business Information Sessions without Dr. Crespi, and Dr. Crespi always e-mails her mentees about opportunities for us to get involved."