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Dear Students,

The websites below will link you to 100’s of opportunities for off-campus research and applied learning that are available to you during your undergraduate career.  Most are funded summer research programs at universities across the US.

The first tab will connect you to a multitude of searchable databases where you can find opportunities that match your academic and/or career interests. The second tab accesses specific programs that might be of interest to you.

We will continue to add more opportunities to these sites, so check them often.

Finally, keep this advice in mind:

  • Application deadlines usually fall between October and April – with most applications due in December, January, and February
  • The typical application will require you to write an essay and will ask for letters of reference from your faculty and university mentors
  • Don’t be shy!  Your faculty, program directors, and professional staff are available to help you with your application.  Just ask….and ask early!
  • Once you have prepared one application, it should be easy to rework it to fit another opportunity (and your faculty don’t mind revising their letters to be addressed to another competition).  So increase your odds of winning. Plan to apply for more than one opportunity.

GO FOR IT! You have nothing to lose in applying….and a successful application will surely change your life!

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