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The First In The World / Research Aligned Mentorship (RAM) program is an extremely prestigious program funded by a major grant awarded to Farmingdale State College by the United States Department of Education. The name of the grant stems from the USA’s aim to regain its former position as a leader in producing students with baccalaureate degrees. In 1995 we were 1st, and as of 2014, we have fallen to 19th place. Farmingdale has partnered with CCSU and three other universities to participate in this grant with them. Regardless of major, the CCSU RAM Program provides extra benefits and rewards that will enhance learning and that will give RAM students opportunities not available to other students.

"Overall, I think it's a great program and have had several occasions where a mentee has expressed appreciation for having me as an extra resource. This, of course, is very rewarding to me as a mentor and speaks to the value of the program."
- Michele Dischino, Associate Professor, Technology and Engineering Education



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