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RAM Faculty Mentor Responsibilities

RAM Faculty Mentors are each assigned a group of CCSU RAM Scholars with whom they schedule at least two meetings each semester in addition to regularly scheduled semester meetings with the student’s School Based Center advisor or the faculty advisors in the student’s major. This Mentor can assist you in course selection, career planning as well as help connect you to other on-campus resources. Our RAM Faculty Mentors are really a “jack of all trades” when it comes to helping RAM Scholars. Because of their connections to leading figures in their areas of expertise, the RAM Faculty Mentor is able to develop the RAM Student’s career path, from their first development of a resume through landing their first job! Students will get out of the RAM program what they put into it!

  1. Serve as a RAM Faculty Mentor for a cohort of approximately ten students, which will require four annual meetings with each student
  2. Inquire about their academic progress as well as their engagement in campus activities
  3. Refer students to support services
  4. Maintain ongoing communication with students
  5. Introduce students to the benefits of participating in research experiences
  6. Discuss the possibility of graduate school and their career goals
  7. Participate in special events with the participants
  8. Assist in tracking and monitoring student progress
  9. Meet the RAM Faculty Mentors
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These are Suggestions That RAM Faculty Mentors Came Up With to Define a Successful College Student:

  1. Present and Engaged in Class
  2. Always on Time
  3. Attend Office Hours
  4. Interaction After Class
  5. Participates in Activities for Growth
  6. Communicate with Other Students
  7. Engaged in Major Activities
  8. Joining clubs and sports on campus
  9. Develop Leadership Skills
  10. Serve as Peer Mentors and Tutor other students
  11. Participate in Campus events and talks
  12. Reflective decision making
  13. Take advantage of advising
  14. Volunteer and serve in the community
  15. Learn from their mistakes

"Overall, I think it's a great program and have had several occasions where a mentee has expressed appreciation for having me as an extra resource. This, of course, is very rewarding to me as a mentor and speaks to the value of the program."

- Michele Dischino, Associate Professor, Technology and Engineering Education