Psychological Science - Required Courses

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Psychological Science


Required Courses

The Department offers courses leading to the Bachelor of Arts in Psychological Science. Students seeking an undergraduate major in Psychological Science are required to complete 42 credits in psychology (14 courses). There are 7 required courses, plus 4 courses from core areas and 3 electives.

All psychological science majors must take the following core courses

PSY 112: Introduction to Psychology
PSY 113: Exploring Psychology (1 credit)
PSY 136: Life-Span Development 
PSY 301: Research Methods I (Psy 112 [C- or higher] and STAT 215 [C- or higher]) are prerequisites for this course) 
PSY 302: Research Methods II (Psy 221 [C- or higher] is a prerequisite for this course)
PSY 330: Abnormal Psychology 
PSY 490: History and Systems of Psychology

Additionally, all psychology majors must take one course from each of the following subfields of psychology


PSY 372: Social Psychology OR 
PSY 371: Theories of Personality 


PSY 441: Sensation & Perception OR 
PSY 450:  Biological Psychology


PSY - 200 Learning and Memory OR 
PSY - 281 Cognitive Psychology 


PSY 412 - Diversity of Latino/a Psychology
PSY 420 - Cross Cultural Psychology OR
PSY 430 - Intergroup Relations OR


Psychological science majors must take 3 additional psychological science courses from among the undergraduate courses offered by the department. Courses not taken as part of the psychological science core areas may be used as electives.

For example, if you selected PSY 372, Social Psychology, as your core course for the social/personality subfield, you could use PSY - 371, Theories of Personality, as an elective. Please check the catalog to see the range of courses offered by the Department.