Mission and Vision

Department of

Psychological Science


Mission & Vision



The Department of Psychological Science at Central Connecticut State University strives to be one of the most prestigious departments in New England for public institutions of higher education. We want to be among the top choices for prospective undergraduate and graduate students who want a quality education in the field of psychology in the state of Connecticut.


The mission of the Department of Psychological Science is to facilitate life-long learning and application of the fundamental concepts, advanced concepts, and research skills of psychological science among our students from diverse background. As faculty, we will prepare them for civic engagement, employment, and/or the pursuit of advanced degrees. We strive to be excellent instructors and mentors, to make scholarly contributions to science and to serve the community in a dedicated and professional manner.


As Faculty we are committed to partnering with our undergraduates to help them develop a solid knowledge base in psychological science, scientific inquiry and critical thinking skills, communication skills, sociocultural and international awareness, ethical and social responsibility, and applied knowledge in professional settings.

As faculty we are committed to partnering with our graduate students to hone their critical reading and evaluation skills, methodological and analytical skills, professional-level presentations and publications, critical integration and application skills in real-world contexts, and expertise within a specific domain of psychological science.

Faculty will engage with their students and colleagues, in scholarly activity that adds to the knowledge base of the discipline. Faculty will also engage in continuing professional development to stay current and augment their scholarly and teaching activities.

Faculty and students will be actively engaged in the campus, local, and global communities which is informed by empirically-based psychological principles.