To prepare students for the so-called “New Economy”, for graduate school, and for a productive and rewarding career, the CCSU Department of Physics & Engineering Physics offers the following programs:

  • B.S. in Physics, with
    •   a minor
    • Concentration in Biology
    • Concentration in Biomolecular Sciences
    • Finance
  • B.S. in Physics Education, no minor required
  • B.S. in Physics with secondary major (Double Major). Due to the versatility of physics, physics majors often are able to do a double major in conjunction with another synergetic discipline, and thus provide them with even more options.  Currently we have students who are double majoring and we are working to streamline the course structures for the existing double majors, and also create new ones.  Currently we have double majors in Physics and
    • Engineering
    • Mathematics

The following programs are in the works:

  • B.S. in Physics, with
    • Concentration in Engineering Physics (Aerospace and/or Materials)
    • Concentration in Engineering Physics (Robotics & Mechatronics)
    • B.S. in Engineering Physics, with concentrations in
      • Aerospace
      • Materials
      • Photonics
      • Robotics and Mechatronics
      • Mechanical Engineering 
  • M.S. in Natural Sciences with concentration in Physics (This program is currently suspended and will be re-designed and re-instated, hopefully in the not too distant future)