Learning Outcomes

Physics & Engineering Physics


Learning Outcomes for Program Graduates:

1. In fundamental fields of Physics including a) Mechanics, b) Electricity, Magnetism and Optics, c) Thermodynamics and d) Quantum Mechanics and Modern Physics, students will be able to understand concepts and to apply the concepts successfully to problem solving.

2. Students will be able to communicate scientific ideas and results accurately and effectively. Specifically Students will be able to

  • Provide an exposition of the work’s goal/big picture
  • Clearly explain the work
  • Accurately represent scientific data
  • Develop and elucidate logical conclusions/interpretations.

3. Students will be able to investigate physical phenomena, accurately and effectively utilize common experimental apparatus, analyze data, calculate experimental uncertainties, and derive appropriate conclusions based on the data and analysis. Specifically students will be able to

  • Use appropriate experimental apparatus in a correct method
  • Analyze data
  • Quantify experimental uncertainties
  • Reach appropriate conclusions based on the data.

4. If working on a research project, the student will be able to perform a literature search, utilize appropriate computational and/or laboratory skills, and to make an effective written or oral presentation of the results of the project.