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Physical Education

Health Education Cross-Endorsement

Students who receive their initial Connecticut teaching certification in Physical Education, PK-12 (#044) are strongly encouraged to seek their health education cross endorsement to become certified in Health Education, PK-12 (#043). Generally speaking, students must complete a total of 30 semester hours of credit in health education course work. Within those credit hours, one Drug Prevention Education course must be taken from the list of approved courses, as well as one group facilitation course must be taken from the list of approved courses.

At CCSU, the following courses are approved by the state to meet the Health Education certification requirements.  

Drug Prevention Education approved courses at CCSU  

CSNL 568 - Alcohol and Drug Counseling
PSY 454 - Drugs and Behavior

Group Facilitation approved courses at CCSU

CNSL 507 - Methods in Group Facilitation
CNSL 500 - The Dynamics of Group Behavior
PE 337 - Group Process in Health Education

Additionally, students must pass Praxis II for Health Education (5551) prior to applying for Health Education, PK-12 (#043).

Information is subject to change without notice by the Connecticut state Department of Education, Students are encouraged to consult the website and contact the Bureau of Educator Standards and Certification with any questions.