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Forms for International and Area Study Students



Application for Graduation Form

Change of Major, Degree, or Advisor Form

Change of Name or Address Form

Change of Status Form

Course Add/Drop Form

Course Drop Form (2nd-3rd Week of the Semester for Full Semester Course)

Course Registration Waiver Form (after 8th Day of the Semester)

Course Substitution Form

Course Withdrawal Form (through12th Week of the Semester)

Course Withdrawal Form (after 12th Week of the Semester)

Credit Overload Form

Double Major Request Form

Enrollment in a 500-Level Course by Undergraduates

Grade Change Appeal Form

Independent Study Course Registration Form

International and Area Studies Undergraduate Curriculum Sheet



Capstone Course Registration Form: Plans A and C

Change of Major/Specialization, Degree or Advisor 

Change of Name and Address 

Change of Status FT-PT 

Completion of Program Application 

Comprehensive Exam 

Course Substitution 

Course Withdrawal 

Degree Candidacy/Non-Capstone Qualifying Exam/Non-Course Program Requirements 

Enrollment in 500 Level Course 

GPA - Grade Point Average Calculator 

Graduation Application 

Graduate Assistantship Application 

Independent Study/Internship Course Registration Form 

International and Area Studies Graduate Planned Program of Study (Fall 2013 and earlier)

International and Area Studies Graduate Planned Program of Study (Spring 2014 and later)

Reactivation Form

Re-Enrollment Form 

Special Project Approval

Special Project Proposal Approval  

Thesis Approval 

Thesis Proposal Approval

Thesis Proposal Guidelines

Transfer Credit Approval



Assessment Rubric for Capstone Courses, IS 475 and IS 599

Assessment Rubric Scoring Sheet for Capstone Courses

Rubric for Theses-Special Projects (For Faculty Completion Only)

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