Full Time

Andrew Clark

Andrew Clark is the Director of the Institute for Municipal and Regional Policy (IMRP) at Central Connecticut State University.

As Director, Mr. Clark works to facilitate efficient and effective solutions to critical issues facing Connecticut policymakers. The IMRP brings together a dedicated team of CCSU faculty, staff, and students with state and national experts to provide immediate and long-range policy solutions.

Mr. Clark is currently head of the IMRP project team administering competitive grants that aim to provide positive interventions for children of incarcerated parents. In addition, Mr. Clark is Acting Executive Director of the recently-established Connecticut Sentencing Commission which seeks to review current and proposed legislation affecting sentencing policies and practices in Connecticut to promote affective, balanced and responsible criminal sentencing. He is also project director for a grant from the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration that is being utilized to implement the state’s Alvin W. Penn Racial Profiling law.

Prior to coming to CCSU in 2005, Mr. Clark served as clerk of the Connecticut General Assembly’s Appropriations Committee and aide to House Chair William Dyson for 5 years, where he assisted in the development and passage of significant criminal justice system reform legislation. He also served as clerk of the Transportation Committee for one year, and deputy clerk of the Finance, Revenue, and Bonding Committee for one session.

Phone: (860) 832-1871


Aileen Keays

Aileen Keays, M.S., is a Research Specialist at the Institute for Municipal and Regional Policy (IMRP). As a Research Specialist, Ms. Keays works closely with leaders of Connecticut's criminal justice agencies, community members, not-for-profits, advocates and legislators to promote effective public policy through research, consultation, project management and program evaluation.

Since 2008, Ms. Keays has managed the Institute's Children with Incarcerated Parents Initiative, overseeing and managing several projects related to parental incarceration. This includes overseeing the delivery of services to children and families dealing with parental incarceration, as well as the evaluation of these services to determine their effectiveness in alleviating any negative consequences of parental incarceration while enhancing the youths' and families' positive attributes. In addition, since 2008 Ms. Keays has provided technical assistance to the Commission on Racial and Ethnic Disparity in the Criminal Justice System which, through statutory charge, is “dedicated to eliminating racial and ethnic disparity in the criminal justice system." Furthermore, during 2011 to 2013, Ms. Keays was a member of the Connecticut Judicial Branch Access to Justice Commission that seeks to support and pursue the Judicial Branch’s goal of providing equal access to justice in Connecticut’s criminal justice system.

Previous to her employment with the IMRP, Ms. Keays worked at the University of New Haven's Crime Victim Study Center while earning her Masters in Forensic Science with a concentration in Advanced Investigation. Prior to attending graduate school, Ms. Keays worked in the social services field in various capacities, including managing a group home for developmentally disabled adults and another for mentally ill adults. She also worked as Foster Care Social Worker in Detroit, Michigan as well as Youth Services Officer at the Connecticut Juvenile Training School. Ms. Keays completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology with a minor in Criminal Justice at the University of Connecticut.

In spite of Ms. Keays’ extensive involvement working on behalf of, and with those affected by incarceration, she found herself completely unprepared for dealing with the effects of having a loved one incarcerated when it encroached into her life in the beginning of 2012. The experience will forever affect her work for, and with those affected by incarceration.

Phone: (860) 832-1873

Ken Barone

Ken Barone is a Policy and Research Specialist with the Institute for Municipal and Regional Policy at Central Connecticut State University. Mr. Barone received his Bachelor in Arts with a major in Political Science from Central Connecticut State University.

As a student, Mr. Barone was a student member of the CSU System Board of Trustees, Chair of the Student Union Board of Governors and a Resident Assistant. Prior to working with the IMRP, Mr. Barone has worked as a Research and Policy Assistant for former state legislator and holder of the Governor William A. O’Neill Endowed Chair in Public Policy and Practical Politics, Mr. William R. Dyson.

Mr. Barone has collaborated with CCSU faculty, staff, students and community partners to enhance the community engagement activities of the university. Mr. Barone has coordinated statewide conferences and leadership forums to promote the importance of public service to Connecticut’s youth. As a Research and Policy Assistant, Mr. Barone has worked with many departments on campus to give students leadership opportunities.

Phone: (860) 832-1872
Fax: (860) 832-0071

Amjad Khan

Amjad Khan is a Financial Analyst at the Institute for Municipal and Regional Policy (IMRP) at Central Connecticut State University. Amjad assists with the financial administration of IMRP grants, contracts and legislative appropriations. Additionally, Amjad also maintains the data analysis for the Children of Incarcerated Parents Project which provides positive interventions for at-risk youth whose parent(s) and/or family members have been incarcerated.

Amjad is originally from Tanzania, East Africa and came to the United States for studies. He graduated from CCSU in 2005 and worked as a Student Worker at CCSU’s Grants Office which maintains revenue and expenditure records for Federal, State and Local Grants and prepares financial reports and statements for all external grant awards.

After completing his Bachelors, Amjad went on to work for a Manufacturing Company in Istanbul, Turkey and returned to the United States as a permanent resident in October 2008.

Phone: (860) 832-1953

Jason DePatie










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Part Time

Josh Therriault

Josh Therriault is the Visual Media Director at the Institute for Municipal and Regional Policy (IMRP) at Central Connecticut State University.
As the Media Director, Mr. Therriault works with the Institute for Municipal and Regional Policy and his colleagues to generate professional and polished visual material to accompany and showcase the IMRP's work. Mr. Therriault and his colleagues have created and continue to create films and public service announcements for several IMRP initiatives. The films and PSA's are written, produced, filmed, and edited in housed at CCSU. All of the Media work of the IMRP can be viewed here.
Mr. Therriault has been freelancing in the Tri-State area on large scale film and commercial sets. Mr. Therriault has held several positions from Grip and Electric to Producing. He continues to produce his own work and submit it to film festivals and award shows. Mr. Therriault has won the WSWC PSA contest in 2010, and placed 2nd in 2011 and 2012. His short films were showcased at the Las Vegas International Film Festival, Trinity Film Festival and the 15 Minutes of Fame Film Festival. He won a Best Editing Award for his short film Fixated at the Re:Image film festival in 2012. His personal work can be viewed here.

Phone: (860) 916-5871

Rashad Frett

Rashad Frett is a Visual Media Specialist at the IMRP at CCSU concentrating in Children of Incarcerated Parents. As a Media Specialist, Rashad works with the IMRP and his colleagues to generate professional and polished visual material to accompany and showcase the IMRP's work. Rashad works closely with Josh Therriault to create films and public service announcements for several IMRP initiatives. The films and PSA's are written, produced, filmed, and edited in-house at CCSU. Born and raised in Hartford, Connecticut, Rashad grew up wanting to be an actor. After high school, Rashad joined the United States Army for a 6 year term as a Combat Medic. During this time he started going to a Connecticut Community College majoring in theater. In 2000, Rashad's group in his first film production class created their first no budget film "Third Eye's Answer". Though the film was mediocre, it only propelled his passion for film even more.

After a year of majoring in theater he was convinced by fellow peers that a degree in theater arts was not going to land him a decent job. He then went to CCSU where he met his film teacher and mentor Jeffrey B. Teitler. Under his teaching of film, Rashad instantly excelled in film classes and many opportunities opened up for him. He is well known for his creativity shown in his videos. 
Rashad filmed promo films for organizations, commercials aired on Comcast networks, short films, narratives, PSA's, and music videos. One of his early works was his first music video that he put did for a film class. The music video immediately started a local buzz and many artists from the Tri-state wanted him to direct/edit their videos as well. This was when Rashad realized that he found his true passion of being a Director.

His official directing debut on film was for the pilot titled "The Second District" which he did under Solid Brick Entertainment with his good friend/CEO Pierre M. Coleman. The buzz from the trailer alone spread like wildfire all over the world and media coverage from all over the Tri-state area including an article in the "Wall Street Journal". It also dominated the New York International Film Festival (NYIFF) to win as "Best Urban Short Film" and made him an award winning director. His chapter of his life pursuing a career in directing film, TV, and music videos has begun in full force. Currently he is in the process of becoming a Director in the Directors Guild of America (DGA). 

Phone: (860) 869-1297

Giselle Jacobs

Giselle Jacobs, US Army Veteran and lifelong resident of Hartford is a University Assistant working as a Community Outreach and Advocacy Specialist for the Institute for Municipal and Regional Policy at Central Connecticut State University. In this capacity she provides outreach and education initiatives for the Children of Incarcerated Parents project. After working several years as an Administrative Assistant and Target Balance Analyst in the banking industry, Mrs. Jacobs decided to follow her heart’s desire, which is to serve her community and make a difference in the lives of others. Mrs. Jacobs has worked for several community organizations including the Center for Human Development - Connecticut Outreach as a Financial Counselor where she provided money management services to the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services and their Young Adult Services Program. Mrs. Jacobs was also previously contracted by the Hispanic Health Councils - Rapid Assessment, Response and Evaluation (RARE) project, a national initiative that addressed the HIV/AIDS health crisis in African America where she assisted in identifying Hartford’s hot spots, conducted late night data collection and facilitated focus groups. Most recently Mrs. Jacobs served as the capable and resourceful Assistant Executive Director for the Minority Construction Council in the City of Hartford where she used her fundamental knowledge of administrative support to aid in research, grant writing and fundraising.

Mrs. Jacobs is a great example of someone who works hard and overcomes life’s challenges to serve her community and the Nation. She is a recent graduate of the City of Hartford Department of Families Children Youth and Recreation – Youth Development Practitioners Academy and the Connecticut Commission on Children - Parent Leadership Training Institute. She also attended the Building One America and the New Jersey Regional Coalition - National Leadership Training. She is engaged in civic affairs, socially, politically and otherwise. Her interest in the advancement of her community through the generous contribution of her time, talent, and resources has earned the respect of many residents in the city.

Phone: (860) 726-6504


James Fazzalaro


Mary Janicki


Robert Harris


Keith Dauch

Keith Dauch is a student writer for the IMRP and a junior at CCSU. He studies Anthropology and Creative Nonfiction, and currently lives in Newington, CT.

Kori Arsenault


Faculty Partners

Arthur Kureczka

Deborah Bradford

Debbie Bradford, editorial supervisor of RELEASE, is an adjunct professor of Creative Nonfiction at CCSU. When she's not teaching, writing, or playing music, she spends time with her husband and two-year old daughter. She can be reached at 

Jacob Werblow

James Conway

James M. Conway, PhD, is a professor of Psychological Science at Central Connecticut State University. He has been head of the evaluation team for the IMRP's Children of Incarcerated Parents initiative since 2008, evaluating a variety of interventions for CIP. His research is also focused on children of incarcerated parents, e.g., on community-level factors affecting children and families. 

Jim has a bachelor's degree in psychology from SUNY Binghamton and received his PhD in industrial/organizational psychology from the University of Connecticut. He has been on the faculty at CCSU since 1998, and prior to that was on the psychology faculty at Seton Hall University for six years.

Phone: (860) 832-3107

Mary Collins

Samuel Andoh

Ashley Provencher

Ashley Provencher is an economic consultant for the Institute for Municipal and Regional Policy (IMRP) and Assistant Professor of Economics at Siena College. Since 2011, Ashley has worked with IMRP as the lead evaluator of the REACT model, and provides consulting services on various CIP initiatives. She also serves on the Working Group of the Connecticut Results First Initiative, a justice reinvestment initiative in Connecticut. Ashley conducts national and state-level research on program evaluation and policy analysis on a variety of issues, including child welfare, children with incarcerated parents, and poverty. She completed her Ph. D. in Economics at American University and her B.S. at Simmons College. In addition to academic work and teaching at Siena, Ashley is an advocate for community re-entry services for formerly incarcerated people in the Albany-area, where she currently lives. She is originally from Norwich, Connecticut.

Phone: (518) 783-4144

Helen Abadiano

Dr. Helen R. Abadiano, Professor & Chair, Department of Reading & Language Arts is the 2007-2008 recipient of the International Reading Association (IRA) and the Connecticut Reading Association (CRA) Award for exemplary service in the promotion of literacy. The award was presented at the 56th Annual CRA Conference on November 2. Among her notable contributions to promoting literacy regionally and nationally include her strong advocacy for adult literacy education that earned her an Ambassador of Literacy recognition by the Literacy Volunteers of Central Connecticut, serving as editor of The Dragon Lode, the International Reading Association’s Journal of the Children’s Literature and Reading Special Interest Group, co-author of the Research In Classroom section of the New England Reading Association Journal (NERAJ), numerous research, presentations and publications in various areas of literacy education, service on committees in regional and national/international professional organizations, and leadership roles in training teachers in literacy.

Phone: (860) 832-2180

Nghi Thai

Nghi D. Thai, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychological Science at Central Connecticut State University (CCSU). Dr. Thai is currently working on a qualitative research study on Balkan immigrant families and their experiences with being incarcerated, detained, or deported for the Institute of Municipal and Regional Policy's Children of Incarcerated Parents Initiative. This research study is also supported with funds form the CCSU Faculty-Student Grant.

Dr. Thai earned a B.A. in psychology from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln and a M.A. and Ph.D. in community and cultural psychology at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. She completed a NIDA T32 postdoctoral fellowship at Yale University School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry, The Consultation Center. Using ecological and mixed methods approaches, her research interests include community psychology, prevention research, program evaluation research, cultural diversity, racial/ethnic minorities, immigrants/refugees, youth risk behaviors, and homelessness.

Phone: (860) 832-3285

Student Workers

Elzan Sabovic

Elzan Sabovic is currently studying Criminology and Psychology at Central Connecticut State University and will be graduating this coming summer 2014, with the intent of continuing the pursuit of higher education in graduate school. Elzan is a student worker for IMRP who strives to provide research regarding immigrant populations within the state of Connecticut. He is presently working on the project “Balkan Immigrant Families and Experiences of Being Incarcerated, Detained, or Deported” to acquire a better understanding of the experiences faced by families that originated outside of the United States, but following the establishment of U.S. residency had a family member incarcerated, detained, or deported. As part of this work, Elzan does outreach in the community and conducts interviews with individuals affected by incarceration. In 2013 Elzan interned for the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection in Middletown, Connecticut. In this capacity, Elzan worked in the Reports and Records Department where he searched for lost police reports and assisted in locating police reports for customers.

Elzan’s goal is to earn a position where he can apply his knowledge and skills towards improving society for the betterment of citizens, to provide assistance for populations in need, and to defend our nation to his utmost capability.


Joseph Ouellette

Joseph Ouellette helps maintain websites for the IMRP.  Joseph majors in Computer Science. He will graduate with a BS in Computer Science from Central Connecticut State University in May 2015. Joseph currently resides in Watertown, CT.


Joshua Jones

Joshua Jones is the graphic designer for CTCIP. He is in charge of uploading and arranging the content of the web site as well as making it visually appealing. When not working with CTCIP Joshua is involved in his local community working with children at the YMCA. Joshua has also done design work for Cafe Central, Cafe Inspire, Southington Town-wide Effort to Promote Success, and the Arts and Sciences Adviing Place, CCSU. He will be receiving his Bachelors of Arts in Graphic/ Information Design in May 2014 from Central Connecticut State University.


Lisa Costa

Lisa Costa is a student writer for the IMRP and the Managing Editor of RELEASE. She is a senior at CCSU and studies English/Creative Nonfiction. She also works at a veterinary hospital and enjoys spending time with her husband, dog, and three cats. She currently lives in Bristol, Connecticut.

Matthew Liggio

Matthew Liggio is a student writer for the IMRP. He is a History major at CCSU and is excited to graduate in the spring of 2014. He currently lives in New Britain, CT and spends the summers at the beach in Old Saybrook.

Graduate Assistants

Jacki Sweeney

Jacki Sweeney has been working as a Graduate Assistant on the Children of Incarcerated Parents initiative since Fall 2012, performing research and outreach, and assisting with events, conferences, and administrative tasks, including creation of the website. She recently completed the Post-Baccalaureate Art Education Certification program at Central CT State University, following her graduation from University of Hartford in 2011 with a B.F.A. in Drawing and a Minor in Art History.

Jacki continues her work as a Library Page in the town of Manchester, where she manages and catalogs inventory, and helps facilitate reading and arts and crafts programming for children and families. In addition, she is currently creating a mural focused on contributing to one's community with students at Holmes Elementary School in New Britain. Jacki is committed to working in service to society through the arts and education.


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