Proficiency Resolution

If a student is required to complete either the Math or English proficiency course (either MATH-099 "Elementary Algebra" or ENG-099 "Remedial English"), then he/she must complete the course with the first 24 credits.  Failure to do so will result in being blocked from future registration here at CCSU and at any of the other three Connecticut State Universities until the proficiency course is completed elsewhere.

The proficiency resolution, which was passed by the Board of Trustees of the Connecticut State University System reads as follows:

That students needing to demonstrate proficiency [MATH-099 and/or ENG-099 at CCSU] must successfully complete the appropriate course by the time they complete 24 academic credits, and be it further resolved, that students who do not successfully complete recommended proficiency course within this period shall not be allowed to register for credit courses at a university within the Connecticut State University system until they complete these courses or equivalents elsewhere.
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