Pass-Fail Option for Undergraduates

A limited pass-fail option in courses not required for the major, minor or general education program is available at the University. 

To be eligible for the pass/fail option, the student must have completed at least 34 earned hours (including transfer hours) and must be a matriculated undergraduate in good standing.  Up to two (2) pass/fail courses may be selected in one semester, but no more than four (4) pass/fail courses may be selected throughout the entire undergraduate career. 

If a student changes majors to a discipline in which pass/fail credit has been earned, the grade(s) earned in such a pass/fail course(s) shall be retrieved and recorded on permanent record in place of the pass/fail grade.  Intent to take a course pass/fail must be filed in the Office of Registrar within the first three weeks of the semester for full semester long courses.  

Pass/Fail Form

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