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M.S. Program in International Studies, 30 Credits


CCSU was designated by the State of Connecticut as a Center for Excellence in International Education in 1986. Since then the University has developed a wide variety of programs and initiatives supporting this aspect of its mission. Development of the Master of Science in International and Area Studies resulted from the institution’s established commitment to global awareness. The courses that comprise the M.S. program core are designed to deepen and extend one’s knowledge of present and past world affairs, facilitate social and cultural understanding, and improve knowledge of and communication in multinational affairs.

Each individual program for the Master of Science in International and Area Studies (30 credits) is designed by students in consultation with their faculty advisors to ensure that personal career goals and research interests are accommodated. Students who prefer to develop a program related to a country or world area not represented among CCSU’s Area Studies programs, may receive consideration within the program’s scope. For their areal or topical specialization, students select courses from a variety of disciplines, including modern languages, history, geography, political science, economics, anthropology, religion, communication and others, provided at the University.

To ensure adequate preparation for a career or further study in international affairs, language competency related to the area of specialization is required. Mid-level reading, writing, speaking and comprehension skills may be demonstrated by examination or through appropriate course work.

Initially, on acceptance to the program, students are assigned to the International and Area Studies Curriculum Director for advice.  As soon as possible, students will be assigned to an advisor appropriate to their regional or thematic specialization.  This advisor will normally serve as the faculty member supervising the advisee’s research course and thesis, special project or comprehensive examination.


Program Overview

A multidisciplinary program leading to the Master of Science in International and Area Studies is offered through the International and Area Studies Committee for students who wish either to study a specific area of the world, such as Africa, East Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, Western Europe, or Eastern Europe, or to develop a program with a global, theoretical, or conceptual perspective. 


Graduate Admission Policy:

In addition to the regular Graduate School admission requirements, students applying for a Master of Science degree in International Studies must submit a current resume and a statement of purpose (see below) that addresses one's past experiences and career goals. The applicant should also specify the world region in which they choose to concentrate. Each application must be sent electronically to the International and Area Studies email IASmailbox@ccsu.edu.

Applicants applying for the fall semester are required to have submitted all required materials by May 1; applicants for the spring semester by November 1

Applicant Statement of Purpose

The Applicant's statement of purpose should address his or her career goals as well as his or her reasons for choosing a specific regional specialty in a narrative of no more than four double-spaced, typed pages. As part of that narrative, the applicant should be certain to address the following questions:

1.  How have your educational experiences in international and area studies/or other fields prepared you for this program?

2.  How do your previous work experiences relate to your planned study?

3.  On which region of the world do you intend to focus?

4.  How do you plan to use/apply international and area studies in your professional career?


5.  What motivated you to pursue this field?

Area Studies Committee and Faculty:


International and Area Studies Program Co-Directors: Dr. Matthew Ciscel (ciscelm@ccsu.edu, 860-832-2749) and Dr. Xiaoping Shen (shenx@ccsu.edu, 860-832-2794)

African Studies: Evelyn Newman Phillips (phillipse@ccsu.edu, 860-832-2617), Coordinator, African Studies. Sheri Fafunwa (fafunwas@ccsu.edu, 860-832-2646) and Warren Perry (Perryw@ccsu.edu, 860-832-2613), Co-Directors, Center for Africana Studies.
T. Ayeni, R. Bachoo, F. Best, W. Brown Foster, J. Buxton, G. Emeagwali, W. Fothergill, P. Gardner, J. Gardner, K. Harris, M. Howell, B. Johnson, S. Jones, P.Kyem, S. Lee, P. LeMaire, E. Newman Phillips, R. Nicoletti, S. Odesina, S. Sogunro, J. Woodruff

East Asian Studies: Xiaoping Shen, Coordinator (shenx@ccsu.edu, 860-832-2794); H. Chang, M. Jones, Y. Ju, S. Lee, P. Petterson, S. Tomoda

European Union/West European Studies: Karen Ritzenhoff, Coordinator (ritzenhoffk@ccsu.edu, 860-832-2692); R. Benfield, M. Charkiewicz, D. Engwall, P. Lapuerta, C. Liard-Muriente, A Morales, M. Passaro, C. Pesca, L. Petit, P. Petterson, K. Ritzenhoff, L. Uribe

Latin American Studies: Mary Ann Mahony, Coordinator (mahonym@ccsu.edu, 860-832-0119); A. Adams, W. Brown-Foster, G. Cueto, J.C. del Alma, C. Bueno, R. Fuentes, V. Garcia, A. Garcia-Lozada, P. Iannone, C. Liard-Muriente, G. Mejía, S. Mendez-Mendez, B. Merenstein, J. O’Connor, C. Pope, L. Recoder-Nunez, K. Sugg, L. Uribe

Middle Eastern Studies: Nanjundiah Sadanand, Interim Coordinator (sadanand@mail.ccsu.edu, 860-832- 2942); F. Abdollahzadeh, N. Al-Masoud, A. Ayalon, K. Beyard, A. Cannella, A. Antar, G. Emeagwali, F. Farahmand, J. McKeon, N. Mezvinsky, T. Rickard, N. Sadanand, L. Zidani-Eroglu

Slavic/East European Studies: Matthew Ciscel, Coordinator (ciscelm@ccsu.edu, 860-832-2749); R. Benfield, J. Bergman, M. Biskupski, I. Gotchev, P. Karpuk, W. Tracey, E. Wolynsk

International & Area Studies  l  417 Social Sciences Hall or 303-2 Emma Hart Willard  l  1615 Stanley St.  l  New Britain CT-06050  l  IASmailbox@ccsu.edu

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