Undergraduate Catalog 2009-2011

Cinema Studies

CINE 201    The Language of Film    3

Prereq.:  ENG 110. Development of visual terminology analogous to literary terminology in order to understand better the intentions of the author of the film. The qualities of picture, movement, and editing are discussed in an effort to develop critical interpretation and judgment. Outside film screenings required. Fall. Study Area I


CINE 350    Laughter, Blood, and Tears: Studies in Film Genre     3

Prereq.:  ENG 110. Considers the primary genres of narrative film, and asks how they reflect and comment on the history and culture of which they are a part. The emphasis of the course may change from semester to semester and may include: the western, melodrama, horror, comedy, science fiction, and film noir. Outside screenings required. Spring. (O)

CINE 365    Nonfiction and Documentary Film     3

Prereq.:  ENG 110. Investigates the history and theory of nonfiction and documentary film. Outside screenings required. Spring. (E)

CINE 480    Topics in Cinema Studies      3

Prereq.:  ENG 110. Selected topics. Students may take this course under different topics for a maximum of 6 credits. Irregular.

CINE 490    Cinema Studies:  Independent Study  3

Prereq:  Permission of program coordinator. Senior conference course for a student wishing to pursue a planned program of writing and study. On demand.

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