Undergraduate Catalog 2009-2011

Honors Program

Paul Petterson, director (phone: 860-832-2969, email: pettersonp@ccsu.edu)

The honors program provides an interdisciplinary, team-taught approach to general education for intellectually motivated and academically superior students. The program is open to all qualified students, regardless of major. Graduating high school students, students in their first year at the University, high school graduates returning from work or family responsibilities, and transfer students from community colleges or other universities are eligible to apply. Applicants must satisfy writing and interview requirements. A limited number of full or half merit scholarships are available. For more information on scholarships, please refer to the financial aid section of this catalog.

The honors program is divided into four general areas: western culture, science and society, world cultures, and the writing and research component. All honors program courses satisfy general education requirements, with modal and area restrictions where noted. Honors students are required to complete the following 36 credits of courses, which are offered over a three-year period and are available only to honors program students.

Western Culture
HON 110  Western Culture I 4
HON 210  Western Culture II: Topics in Western Culture 4
HON 250 Western/World Culture III: Comparative Topics 4

Science and Society
HON 120  Science and Society I 4
HON 220  Science and Society II: Social Sciences and Society 4

World Cultures
HON 130  World Cultures I 4
HON 230  World Cultures II: Topics in World Cultures 4

Writing and Research
HON 140  Writing and Research I 4
HON 440  Writing and Research II 1
HON 441  Writing and Research III: Honors Thesis 2
HON 442 Writing and Research IV: Thesis Workshop 1

Successful completion of the entire honors curriculum satisfies all the student's general education requirements, with the exception of Skill Areas II, III, IV, lab science requirement, and any course requirements set by individual major programs or certifications.

Honors program students may choose to graduate without a minor. Students who complete the honors program with a grade-point average of 3.20 or higher for their honors courses and for all their university courses will receive the designation "Honors Program Scholar" on their diplomas. Additional information on the program is available at www.ccsu.edu/honors.

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