Undergraduate Catalog 2009-2011

European Union/West European Studies



P. Lapuerta, Coordinator (860-832-2884); R. Benfield, M. Casas, J. C. Del Ama,  J. Kazecki, C. Liard-Muriente, A. Morales, M. Passaro, C. Pesca, P. Petterson, K. Ritzenhoff, L. Uribe



Major in European Union/West European Studies, BA

Students wishing to construct a major program in European Union/West European studies may do so using the framework provided by the BA in international studies.


Minor in European Union/West European Studies (18 credits)

The minor in European Union/West European Studies includes GEOG 452, PS 336, competency at the intermediate level (126) in a West European language other than English, and 6 additional credits of language, culture, or other suitable regional courses, in consultation with an advisor. Students achieving the language competency with fewer than 6 credits will be required to take additional directed electives, in consultation with an advisor, to bring the total number of credits taken for the minor to 18.


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