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The School of Business offers programs leading to the Bachelor of Science degree in business administration.

Vision: The School of Business aspires to provide its students with a high quality education through student-centered learning that includes a global view of business and a rigorous curriculum. The School of Business provides a foundation for intellectual enrichment and life-long learning by holding students to high standards. A collegial and collaborative faculty, who are respected for the quality of their teaching, relevant scholarship, and activity in Connecticut's business community, contribute to the School of Business's reputation as a quality business school. This quality is recognized within the University, the business community, and the profession through exceptional graduates and contributions to Connecticut's economic capabilities.

Mission: We provide the opportunity for an education in the field of business that is recognized by our stakeholders for its quality. The faculty, dedicated to teaching and informed by their scholarship, prepare students to be thoughtful and responsible business professionals.

The curriculum of the School of Business is designed to provide appropriate theory and practice in problem solving, critical thinking, data analysis, use of information technology, communication, teamwork, ethics, and leading and managing. Students learn to engage with others of culturally diverse backgrounds and gain a global perspective.

The School of Business offers the following majors:


Admission to the School of Business and the Business Major

Pre-Major Status

Students may apply for admittance to the School of Business as part of their initial application for admission to the University, and such students will be in pre-major status until they are formally admitted to business major status.

Business Major Status

The School of Business requires objective evidence that a student possesses the quantitative and verbal aptitude plus the fundamental economics and accounting skills to move on to upper division business coursework and successfully complete his or her desired business degree program. Students are also expected to have a working knowledge of basic computer applications programs such as word processing and spreadsheet applications.

Students must be formally admitted to business major status before they will be permitted to enroll in upper division business courses. ("Upper division" is defined as 300- and 400-level business courses.) Students may attain business major status when they have completed the pre-major requirements, which consist of AC 211 and 212; ECON 200 and 201; ENG 110; MATH 123 or 125; STAT 200 and 201; or equivalencies as approved by the School of Business.

Business major status will only be granted to students who have completed all four of the following requirements:

  • achieved at least junior standing;
  • completed the eight-course pre-major requirements with grades of least C- in each course (AC 211, AC 212 ECON 200, ECON 201, ENG 110, MATH 123 or 125, STAT 200, and STAT 201; or equivalencies as approved by the School of Business);
  • earned a grade point average of at least 2.50 in the eight-course pre-major requirements (This grade point average is based on the average of the specific grades earned in the eight pre-major courses, whether the course was taken at CCSU or transferred to CCSU.); and
  • earned a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.50 in all coursework at CCSU.

Students who are enrolled in pre-major requirements courses and will complete the pre-major requirements by the close of the current semester will be granted "conditional" business major status, so that they can register for upper division business courses for the following semester provided, however, they currently meet the minimum grade and cumulative grade point average requirements in their completed coursework. If such students subsequently fail to successfully complete the pre-major requirements, their "conditional" business major status designation will be revoked, and they will be removed from upper division business courses and denied access to such courses until they successfully complete the pre-major requirements.

Students accepted into business major status must maintain a minimum 2.50 cumulative grade point average in business coursework and in the University grade point average. A student who has attained business major status in the School of Business and whose grade point average falls below the required minimum 2.50 cumulative grade point average will not be able to graduate and is subject to dismissal from the School.

Further information and applications for admission for both pre-major status and business major status may be obtained in the assistant dean's office in Robert C. Vance Academic Center, Room 216, along with names and locations of faculty advisors in the student's major. Students are encouraged to talk with faculty members in their major departments regarding course selection and career opportunities.

Transfer Students

Transfer students must meet the same course requirements, application procedures, and cumulative grade point averages as CCSU students. Transfer credit for pre-major requirements courses, common business core courses, and chosen major courses will not be granted by the School of Business unless such courses were completed with grades of C- or better. Transfer grades for pre-major courses (AC 211 and 212; ECON 200 and 201; ENG 110; MATH 123 or 125; STAT 200 and 201; or equivalencies as approved by the School of Business) taken at other colleges and universities will be included in the GPA calculation of pre-business major courses. Students may be asked to repeat those courses to attain a minimum GPA of 2.50 for the pre-business major courses.

Student Advising Program

Student advising and intervention are an integral and vital component of the School of Business students' experience. The Student Advising Program for business majors consists of the following components:

Initial Advising

Upon entry to CCSU, new and transfer students are encouraged to schedule an individual appointment in the assistant dean's office to acquaint them with the academic standards and procedures. This orientation includes an overview of the School of Business, its majors and the requirements of the curriculum, and an explanation of vital offices and University departments at CCSU.


Each semester during their lower division status, students meet with a School of Business counselor in the assistant dean's office to review their course selection, to discuss grade point average requirements, and to complete the admission process into the School of Business. This careful monitoring of students' academic progress after the completion of each semester ensures that the students are progressing satisfactorily. If an academic problem occurs, the advisor will intervene with future course selection and facilitate an academic support program for the student. Those students who don't meet the minimum 2.50 GPA or individual pre-major course grade requirements will receive an Academic Alert Letter that instructs them to contact their academic advisor for consultation and remedial action.

Advising for Upper-Level Business Majors

Students are expected to satisfy all pre-major requirements in the freshman and sophomore years. After satisfying all pre-major requirements, applying for acceptance to business major status, and being granted business major status, a student should contact his or her major department to be assigned a faculty advisor within the department. Each semester, upper-level students meet with their faculty advisors to identity appropriate courses for their program of study.

Once a student has completed 90 credits, the student must have advance permission from the chair of the student's major department to take any additional credits at other colleges or universities and count such courses towards a major in business.


School of Business Curriculum

All School of Business majors must complete the following:

  • the general education requirements, comprised of study and skill areas;
  • the common business core requirements;
  • the chosen major requirements; and
  • the non-business elective requirements.

The courses satisfying these requirements must be taken at CCSU or transferred according to the regulations for transfer students. Students must receive a grade of C- or better in each common business core course and each chosen business major course.

General education 47
Non-business elective 18
Common business core 27
Major course requirements (major requirements
are listed under the appropriate departments) 30
Total degree requirements 122

General Education Requirements (18 credits)

General education requirements are described elsewhere in this catalog; however, the general education courses required specifically for business majors as part of the pre-major requirements are the following (all with a grade of C- or better):

Study Area II: ECON 200, 201 6
Skill Area I: ENG 110  3
Skill Area II: MATH 123 or 125,  3

STAT 200, 201 6

Common Business Core (27 credits)

AC 211 Introduction to Financial Accounting 3
AC 212 Introduction to Managerial Accounting  3
FIN 295 Managerial Finance 3
LAW 250 Legal Environment of Business 3
MC 207 Managerial Communications 3
MGT 295 Fundamentals of Management and Organizational 

Behavior 3
MGT 480 Strategic Management 3
MIS 201 Introduction to Management Information Systems 3
MKT 295 Fundamentals of Marketing 3

Business Degree Graduation Requirements

Students must complete:

  • Common business core (27 credits);
  • the common business core with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.50 in all coursework at CCSU (students must also receive a grade of C- or better in each of the common business core courses);
  • the business major requirements (30 credits) with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.50 in all coursework at CCSU (students must also receive a grade of C- or better in each business major course taken); and
  • the entire business degree program requirements (122 credits) with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.50 in all coursework at CCSU in order to graduate.

Note that each department may set separate requirements for admission to (and completion of) a chosen business major, including higher minimum grade and cumulative grade point averages. Please check the specific requirements for each business major.

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