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Faculty in the Department of English combine a commitment to teaching with a commitment to research. As reflected in course offerings, scholarly interests span literary periods and genres in English and American literature.  Faculty regularly publish books and articles in their fields of specialization, serve in professional organizations, and deliver papers at academic conferences at home and abroad.  The Department of English holds institutional membership in the MLA; individual faculty members belong to professional societies appropriate to their specializations and research interests; they attend and conduct departmental workshops related to teaching approaches and literary issues.  Their scholarship enlivens academic programs and brings intellectual energy to the classroom.

Faculty also publish poetry, fiction, nonfiction and drama. The department includes professional authors in creative writing: nonfiction, fiction, poetry, and drama. They give readings of their works, teach undergraduate sections, advise students, and conduct workshops in creative writing.

Thirty-eight full-time and forty or more part-time faculty members serve in the Department of English, the largest academic department at Central Connecticut State University.

Department phone 860/832-2740


Darlene Gable, B.A.,  Secretary II
Email:  gableda@ccsu.edu

Careen Waterman, B.A., Administrative Support Coordinator
Email:  careenw@ccsu.edu


Staff Full-Time Faculty  /  Part-Time Faculty  Top


Full-time Faculty

(Dates in parentheses indicate arrival at CCSU)

Stephen Cohen, Ph.D., Chairman
University of California, Irvine, 1994 (2002).

Phone:  (860) 832-2751
Email:  cohens@mail.ccsu.edu

Stuart Barnett, Ph.D.
State University of New York-Buffalo, 1990 (1992).
Literary Theory, Comparative Literature
Phone:  (860) 832-2758
Email:  barnetts@mail.ccsu.edu

Burlin Barr, Ph.D.
Cornell University 1999, (2006).
Cinema Studies, Contemporary American Literature
Phone:  (860) 832-2780
Email:  barrbur@mail.ccsu.edu

Candace Barrington, Ph.D.
Duke University 1998, (2001).
Anglo-Saxon and Middle English Literature 
Phone:  (860) 832-0022
Email:  barringtonc@mail.ccsu.edu

Anthony R. Cannella, M.A.
University of Pennsylvania, 1979 (1984).
Phone:  (860) 832-2757
Email:  cannella@mail.ccsu.edu

David Cappella, Ed.D.
Boston University 1994, (2001).
Modern American Poetry, Creative Writing, Young Adult Literature
Phone:  (860) 832-2603
Email:  cappellad@mail.ccsu.edu

Matthew H. Ciscel, Ph.D.
University of South Carolina, 2002 (2002).
Sociolinguistics, Applied Linguistics
Phone:  (860) 832-2749
Email:  ciscelm@mail.ccsu.edu

Mary Collins, M.A.
University of Virginia, 1986 (2007).
Contemporary Narrative Nonfiction
Phone:  (860) 832-2770
Email:  collinsmae@mail.ccsu.edu

Mary D'Ambrosio, MSc
London School of Economics, 1998 (2012).

Phone: 860-832-2734
Email: mary.dambrosio@ccsu.edu

Robert M. Dowling, Ph.D.
Graduate Center of City University of New York, 2001 (2004).
19th, 20th-Century American Literature & Drama
Phone:  (860) 832-2741
Email:  dowlingrom@mail.ccsu.edu

Christine Doyle, Ph.D.
University of Connecticut, 1995 (1993).
Children's Literature, 19th Century American Women
Phone:  (860) 832-2764
Email:  doylec@mail.ccsu.edu

Robert Dunne, Ph.D.
Lehigh University, 1992 (1992).
20th Century American Literature, Irish American Literature
Phone:  (860) 832-2756
Email:  dunne@mail.ccsu.edu 

Lee Einhorn, Ph.D.
University of Washington, 2013(2013).
Developmental Writing, Curriculum Design, University Administration, English Language Poetry, Aesthetics, Popular Music
Phone:  (860) 832-
Email:  leinhorn@mail.ccsu.edu

Brian Folker, Ph.D.
New York University, 1997 (2003).
British Romantic Literature
Phone:  (860) 832-2779
Email:  folkerb@mail.ccsu.edu

Jaclyn Geller, Ph.D.
New York University, 2003 (2004).
Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Studies
Phone:  (860) 832-2769
Email:  gellerjai@mail.ccsu.edu

Gilbert L. Gigliotti, Ph.D.
The Catholic University of America, 1992 (1992).
Early American Literature, Classical Literature, Latin Language, American Popular Culture
Phone:  (860) 832-2759
Email:  gigliotti@mail.ccsu.edu

Susan N. Gilmore, Ph.D.
Cornell University, 1995 (1997).
American Poetry & Drama, Gender Studies, Modernism
Phone:  (860) 832-2772
Email:  gilmores@mail.ccsu.edu

Heidi Hartwig, Ph.D.
SUNY-Buffalo, 2002 (2006).
Modern British and Irish Literature
Phone:  (860) 832-2747
Email:  hartwighea@mail.ccsu.edu

Tom Hazuka, Ph.D.
University of Utah, 1990 (1992).
Fiction Writing
Phone:  (860) 832-2762
Email:  hazukaj@mail.ccsu.edu

Jack A. Heitner, Ph.D.
University of Rochester, 1968 (1965).
Mysticism and Literature, Melville
Phone:  (860) 832-2763
Email:  heitner@mail.ccsu.edu

Beverly Johnson, Ph.D.
Indiana University of Pennsylvania, 1997 (1997).
African-American Literature, Caribbean Literature
Phone:  (860) 832-2767
Email:  johnsonbev@mail.ccsu.edu

Paul Karpuk, Ph.D.
University of California, Berkeley, 1987 (1992).
Russian Literature, American Literature, World Literature
Phone:  (860) 832-2774
Email:  karpukp@mail.ccsu.edu

Helen Koulidobrova, Ph.D.
University of Connecticut, 2012 (2012).
Syntax and Semantics of Sign Languages, Language Acquisition, Bilingualism
Phone:  (860) 832-2790
Email:  elena.koulidobrova@mail.ccsu.edu

Seunghun Lee, Ph.D.
Rutgers University, 2008 (2008).
Phonology, Optimality Theory, Endangered Languages
Phone:  (860) 832-2748
Email:  seunghunlee@ccsu.edu

Eric Leonidas, Ph.D.
New York University, 2001 (2001).
English Renaissance Poetry, Prose, and Drama
Phone:  (860) 832-2750
Email:  leonidase@mail.ccsu.edu

Vivian B. Martin, Ph.D.
Union Institute and University, 2004 (1999).
Phone:  (860) 832-2776
Email:  martinv@mail.ccsu.edu

Melissa Mentzer, Ph.D.
University of Oregon, 1989 (1991).
19th Century American Literature, Jewish American Literature, Women Writers
Phone:  (860) 832-2742
Email:  mentzer@mail.ccsu.edu

Mary Anne Nunn, Ph.D.
University of Virginia, 1992 (1993).
British Romantic Poetry
Phone:  (860) 832-2778
Email:  nunnm@mail.ccsu.edu

Steven Ostrowski, Ph.D.
State University of New York-Albany, 1998 (2000).
English Education, Creative Writing Fiction
Phone:  (860) 832-2777
Email:  ostrowskis@mail.ccsu.edu

Aimee L. Pozorski, Ph.D.
Emory University, 2003 (2004).
Contemporary American Literature, Trans-Atlantic Modernism, Trauma Theory
Phone:  (860) 832-2773
Email:  pozorskia@mail.ccsu.edu

Rae C. Schipke, Ph.D.
University of Pennsylvania, 1986 (1993).
Computers and Writing, Professional Writing
Phone:  (860) 832-2775
Email:  schipker@mail.ccsu.edu

Ravi Shankar, M.F.A.
Columbia University, 2000 (2002).
Creative Writing (Contemporary Poetry), Asian/Electronic Literature
Phone:  (860) 832-2766
Email:  shankarr@mail.ccsu.edu

Katherine Sugg, Ph.D.
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 1997 (2004).
Latina/Latino Literature, Comparative American Studies
Phone:  (860) 832-2760
Email:  suggkae@mail.ccsu.edu

Darren Sweeney, M.A.
Syracuse University, 2000 (2011)
Phone:  (860) 832-2768
Email:  sweeneyda@mail.ccsu.edu

Leyla Zidani-Eroglu, Ph.D.
University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1997 (1997).
Theoretical and Comparative Syntax, Turkish Linguistics, Applied Linguistics
Phone:  (860) 832-2771
Email:  zidanil@mail.ccsu.edu


Staff Full-Time Faculty  /  Part-Time Faculty  /  Top


Part-Time Faculty

Crystal Akers, Ph.D.
Email:  cakers@ccsu.edu

Lindsay Bareisa
Email:  bareisal@mail.ccsu.edu

Ruth Anne Baumgartner
Email:  baumgartnerr@mail.ccsu.edu

Tom Bieluczyk
Email:  bieluczykthb@mail.ccsu.edu

Debbie Bradford
Email:  bradforddes@mail.ccsu.edu

Adam Burns
Email:  aburns@ccsu.edu

Katherine Carlman, M.A.
Trinity College, 2001 (2001).
Email:  carlmank@mail.ccsu.edu

Megan Collins, M.F.A.
Boston University, 2008 (2011).
Email:  mcollins@ccsu.edu

Walter B. Connolly, Emeritus
Email:  connollyw@mail.ccsu.edu

Anna Dolan
Email:  dolanan@mail.ccsu.edu

Kim Dorfman, M.F.A.
Western Connecticut State University, 2008 (2002).
Email:  kimdorfman@ccsu.edu

Meghan Evans, M.F.A.
Sarah Lawrence College, 2009 (2011).

Email:  me.evans@ccsu.edu

Linda Foster, M.A.
School for International Training, 1993 (1997).

Email:  fosterl@mail.ccsu.edu

David Gerstein, M.Phil., Emeritus
Columbia University, 1973 (1960).
Email:  gersteind@mail.ccsu.edu

Adam Golaski, M.F.A.
University of Montana
Email:  golaskiada@ccsu.edu

Amanda Greenwell, M.A.
Trinity College, 2008 (2009).
Email:  greenwellamm@mail.ccsu.edu

Daniel Gula, M.F.A., M.S.E
University of New Haven, 2007 (2007).
Email:  guladat@mail.ccsu.edu

Jane Hikel, M.A.
Central Connecticut State University, 1995 (1995).
Email:  hikelj@mail.ccsu.edu

Brittany Hirth, M.A.
Central Connecticut State University, 2008 (2008).

Email:  hirthbrb@mail.ccsu.edu

Judy Hough, M.Ed.
University of Hartford, 1970 (1997). 

Email:  houghj@mail.ccsu.edu

Faye Hughes, Ph.D.
Belford University, 2005 (2004).

Email:  hughesfaa@mail.ccsu.edu

Kelly Jarvis, M.A.
Central Connecticut State University, 2002 (2001).
Email:  jarvisk@mail.ccsu.edu

Margaret Johansson, Ph.D.
Columbia University, 2006 (2010).

Email:  johansson@ccsu.edu

Michael Krozel, M.A.
Central Connecticut State University, 2003 (2003).
Email:  krozelm@mail.ccsu.edu

David LaPierre, M.A.
Central Connecticut State University, 2008 (2009).
Email:  lapierredav@ccsu.edu

Mark Leder, Ph.D.
Yale University, 1977 (2006).
Email:  ledermar@mail.ccsu.edu

Barry Leeds, Ph.D. Emeritus
Ohio University, 1967 (1968).
Email:  leeds@mail.ccsu.edu

Louis Lombard, MA
Central Connecticut State University, 1996 (2000).
Email:  lombardl@mail.ccsu.edu

Katie Martin, M.A.
Central Connecticut State University, 2010 (2010).
Email:  kollar_kae@ccsu.edu

David May, M.A.
Kean University of New Jersey, 1974 (1997).
Email:  mayd@ccsu.edu

Barbara McCleary, M.Ed.
Boston University, 1975 (1979).
Email:  mcclearyb@mail.ccsu.edu

Susan McGuire, M.A.
Central Connecticut State University, 2003 (1998).
Email:  mcguire_suh@mail.ccsu.edu

Michail Mulvey, M.F.A.
Southern Connecticut State University, 2011 (2003).
Email:  mulvey_miw@mail.ccsu.edu

Jacqueline Neighbors
Email:  neighboursjac@mail.ccsu.edu

Susan Piqueira, M.S.
Central Connecitcut State University, 1994 (1999).

Email:  piqueiras@mail.ccsu.edu

Mary Posner, M.A.
Email:  mvposner@ccsu.edu

Thomas, Puleo, MA
Columbia University
Email:  tpuleo@ccsu.edu

Peter Reska
Email:  reska_pet@mail.ccsu.edu

Jeanine Rose, M.A.
Central Connecticut State University, 2010 (2010).
Email:  rosejem@ccsu.edu

Kara Russell, Ph.D.
University of Rochester 
Email:  russellk@ccsu.edu

Samantha Seamans, M.A.
Central Connecticut State University, 2009 (2010).
Email:  seamanss@ccsu.edu

Maureen Shannon-Bowers, M.S.
Eastern Connecticut State University
Email:  shannonbowem@mail.ccsu.edu

Cheryl Simkins, B.S.
Central Connecticut State University, 1995 (1998). 

Email:  simkinsc@mail.ccsu.edu

Dorothy Sterpka, M.S., M.S.W.
Central Connecticut State University, 1972, 1999 (2008).
Email:  sterpkadoj@mail.ccsu.edu

Christine Sullivan, J.D.
University of Connecticut, 1990.

Email:  sullivanchris@mail.ccsu.edu

Leslie Taylor McGrath, M.F.A.
Bennington College, 2005 (2009).
Email:  leslie.mcgrath.taylor@ccsu.edu

Clementina Verge, M.A.
Central Connecticut State University, 2005 (2005). 

Email:  verge_cl@mail.ccsu.edu



Staff Full-Time Faculty  /  Part-Time Faculty Top 

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