Telling the D-Day Story
Normandy and Paris, France


Journalism 450: Journalism Studies Abroad: Telling the D-Day Story, 3 credits


JRN 200 or Permission of Instructor


A limited number of $500 scholarships will be available on a competitive basis to matriculated CCSU students with a GPA of at least 2.50 who are registered for at least one of the academic courses associated with this program.

Images of Allied forces storming the beaches at Normandy for the battle that would ultimately lead to the liberation of Paris and the rest of Europe and end World War II speak to several living generations. This course examines the role of D-Day in cultural memory and has as its centerpiece travel to Normandy and Paris for activities observing the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Normandy. We'll attend commemorative activities, maybe a parade, and visit museums, memorials and the American Cemetery. We'll also get familiar with Caen, where William the Conqueror built his 11th century castle and 2,000 French civilians were killed during the 30-day battle for control of that town. The 70th anniversary observation will be an interesting site from which to think about how the D-Day story is told and retold, how it is connected to the broader narrative of World War II,  who will tell the story now as the original generation, most remaining members in their 90s, die. Our travels, which will include six days in Normandy and five days in Paris, will offer student journalists, writers, web designers, photographers and videographers opportunities to connect with this important piece of world history. Media students will work as part of a news crew to create a multimedia production of the commemorative events and experiences of participants from Connecticut and residents of Caen, much of which was destroyed during the battle. Course members who are veterans, history buffs or join the course with other goals will use our study of the ways in which the D-D story has been told, from books by Stephen Ambrose or film by Daryl Zanuck (The Longest Day) or Stephen Spielberg (Saving Private Ryan), to Time magazine and other news publications, to inform some of the personal essay writing or research projects they take up for a final project when we return from France.

The trip will also provide time for students to get familiar with the culture of the Normandy region, the bread basket of France and source of its famous Camembert cheese, and historic sites such as the mysterious abbey at Mont Saint Michel, and the 11th century Bayeux Tapestry, which Napoleon and Nazis tried to possess. A few days in Paris after the commemorative activities will give students a chance to see historic places liberated from the occupation as well as experience the art, cuisine and culture of Paris through the Louvre, Seine, Eiffel Towers and other iconic sites.

Registration Information and Program Costs

The cost of the travel program includes round-trip airport transfers in the U.S. and abroad, economy-class international airfare, double- or triple-occupancy accommodations, continental breakfast daily, and ground transportation and entrance fees to all required site visits. All personal expenses (i.e., medical, souvenirs, laundry, telephone, etc.) are not included.   Course tuition is not included in the Course Abroad program fee.

Fulfillment of the University's International Requirement: 

All credits earned overseas on a CCSU-sponsored study abroad program, including courses offered in conjunction with Course Abroad programs, automatically receive "I Designation" and count toward fulfillment of the University's General Education International Requirement.

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$2,995 per person, based on multiple occupancy and exclusive of course fees


A limited number of $500 scholarships are available on a competitive basis

Travel Dates

June 3 - 14, 2014

Faculty Directors

Prof.  Vivian Martin
Journalism Department
(860) 832-2776

Prof. Darren Sweeney
Journalism Department
(860) 832-2768


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