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M.S. Program in International and Area Studies*

* for those students who entered the program FALL 2013 and earlier. All students who entered the program beginning in the Spring 2014 semester or afterward, please see the new requirements.


30 credits in International Studies

Common Core (15 credits) 

IS 570 Modern World Issues
IS 571 International Diversity and Integration
COMM 543 Intercultural Communication
GEOG 544 The Geography of World Economic Development
LING 515 An Introduction to Sociolinguistics
PS 501

Advanced Studies in International Law


Specialization (9 credits)

Approved courses in one of the following areas of study: African Studies, East Asian Studies, European Union/West European Studies, Latin American Studies, Middle Eastern Studies or Slavic/East European Studies; or approved courses to constitute a cohesive specialization with a global, theoretical or conceptual perspective.

Note: No more than 6 credit hours at the 400 level, as approved by the graduate advisor, may be counted toward the graduate planned program of study.


Research and Capstone Requirements (6 credits)

Plan A: IS 598 Research in International Studies and IS 599 Thesis in International Studies        


Plan C: IS 598 Research in International Studies and IS 595 Special Project in International Studies

 (see Thesis Proposal Guidelines)


Language Requirement

The International Studies program requires that all students have a level of proficiency in reading, writing, speaking, and understanding of a single modern language— preferably in their area of geographical specialization— equal to the completion of the 226 level.


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